objectid filter in profiler

i want to check any activity related to one table only. i tooks its object id from sysobjects and put it in the filter in profiler, but still is not recognized.. what am i doing wrong?
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Faiga DiegelConnect With a Mentor Sr Database EngineerCommented:
Honestly, I tried it also and it does work for me. I got this link for explanation though: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/303445

Might be helpful...
25112Author Commented:
does not matter if it is dml or only selects..
Faiga DiegelSr Database EngineerCommented:
Put it on the TextData like %TableName%
25112Author Commented:
yes, that worked..

what was wrong with the objectid idea?
25112Author Commented:
ah...so they are saying object_id will not be reliable always, right?

but the "like" does not work exactly..

for example I put the search criteria %PS_EMP%

It does get it often but also things like below which is not exactly the match:

exec sp_execute 416,'Load PS.EMP',0,'2011-09-07 12:12:01','2011-09-07 13:15:17',263117,7905,'KEEP_EMP_SSN'

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