Added Subreport to detail section but report is too slow

I have a report that shows a master record and need to show several line details form 2 different tables. If I use joins and groups then the data repeats. I added a subreport to show the details from table 2 while table one is the detail of master (group table) . Report takes long time to populate the subreport linked with invoice id (Subreport is a SQL command)  What can I do to make it faster?

Master table invoce
Invoice 10001
details 1
details 2
details 3
details 4

Subreport Invoice 10001
service 1
service 2
service 3
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GJParkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The performance degradation is down to using the subreport in the deetails section of the main report, it's not clear how you are using the data from the sub, but try creating a group on Invoice ID and move teh subreport to the group header. If this doesn't suit your situation then it may be better to revert back to linking the tables and handling the record duplication with running totals.

mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Or if you need it after the main details put the subreport in the group footer.

When you put a subreport in the detail section it runs for every record in the report.

What are the tables and how did you join them?

sweetbuttercupAuthor Commented:
The report is organized in 4 group levels. Is ther any way to suppress the detal level if G4 count > 1 then show it in the last record of G4?
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Put it in the G4 footer.  It will show after the details is complete.

sweetbuttercupAuthor Commented:
I tried moving the sub report to the GF but it's still slow. I'm trying to get rid of the sub-report and use only Groups- joins. That's why i'm asking if there's any way to suppress the detal level if G4 count > 1 then show it in the last record of G4?

Try using

Count({SomeField},{G4GroupField}) > 1

SomeField is a field that will have values if there are records like the primary key
G4GroupField - The field G4 uses for grouping

sweetbuttercupAuthor Commented:
No matter where I placed the sub report, the performance was affected so couldnlt use the sub report option. I added more table links to the same table (service) with alias to be able to show ll the results linked to line 1, line 2, line 3,... then created a formula to concatenate the results and show it.
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