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I need to join 3 tables A, B, C  inner join A and B on ID and some other conditions. Then the result should be joined with C on the same id . but with C its a left outer join on the id. any suggestions?
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Ephraim WangoyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

select *
from A
inner join B on A.id = B.id
left join C on C.id = B.id
SharathData EngineerCommented:

try this.
select *
  from A
  join B on A.id = B.id -- add your other conditions
  left join C on A.id = C.id

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HainKurtSr. System AnalystCommented:
maybe this

select * from
select a.*, b.some other columns from a inner join b on a.id=b.id and ...
) x left join c on x.id=c.id
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