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Posted on 2011-09-07
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I've created the following alias in the root fusebox.xml.cfm.
<circuit alias="mContact" path="/model/mContact/" parent="" />

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The pathing is correct, and the mContact directory exists.  Within it, there are three query files and an action file.  There is also the circuit.xml.cfm, which is shown below.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE circuit>
	Example circuit.xml file for the model portion of an application.
<circuit access="internal">
		Example model fuseaction that just references an action fuse.
		Model fuseactions should only reference actions and queries.
	<fuseaction name="buildForm">
		<include template="qry_formBuild" />
	<fuseaction name="returnAddresses">
		<include template="qry_addresses" />
	<fuseaction name="returnNumbers">
		<include template="qry_numbers" />
	<fuseaction name="formSubmit">
		<include template="act_formSubmit" />
		This is executed at application startup (from <appinit>) and
		therefore is thread safe (and does not need a lock):
	<fuseaction name="initialize">
		<set name="myFusebox.getApplication().getApplicationData().startTime" value="#now()#" />

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This is my first time working with Fusebox 5.  How do I call each model fuseaction?  (E.G. Say I want to return the query data from the 'returnAddresses' fuseaction in the mContact model.)  Everything I have tried has equaled 'fail' so far.
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Accepted Solution

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When you call a fuseaction in the URL, fusebox looks in the controller xml to run the appropriate fuseactions for that call. So lets say you wan to run the 'returnAddress' fuseaction.

firstly you will need to define the fuseaction in the root fusebox xml file :

<circuit alias="mContact" path="/model/mContact/" parent="m" />  --(parent 'm' for model, would be 'v' for view)
<circuit alias="vContact" path="/view/vContact/" parent="v" />
<circuit alias="contact" path="controller/contact" parent="app" />

Now inside your controller folder you would have a folder called 'contact' and inside that your circuit.xml.cfm file.

put this code in that file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE circuit PUBLIC "circuit.dtd" "circuit.dtd">
<circuit access="public">

  <fuseaction name="returnAddresses">
          <do action="mContact.returnAddresses" />
          <do action="vContact.showAddresses" contentvariable="content.body" />


controller : controls your fuseactions, model : gets your data, view : displays data.

so have your view file set up as well. inside view folder you have 'contact' folder and in the circuit.xml.cfm file you will put this code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE circuit PUBLIC "circuit.dtd" "circuit.dtd">
<circuit access="internal">

      <fuseaction name="showAddresses">
             <include template="dsp_showAddresses" />


inside the dsp_showAddresses file you can dump your qry results. the url u will call to view that page will be

lemme know if u need more help

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Sorry for the delayed response.  Thanks for the help.

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