Windows 7 Printers ask to update driver periodically


We have three Windows 2008 R2 print servers.  We have started deploying Windows 7 x64 to our users.  

Here is the problem we are experiencing:  Our users have a few Ricoh printers installed.  One day they work great.  Then some time after, (could be days or even a week) the user will go to print to a Ricoh and the printer will say it "Needs new driver" and a new driver has to be downloaded from the server.  The driver however has not been changed on the server.  The biggest problem with this is our users have limited permissions on their computers so we have to log them out, login and update the printers as an admin so the driver gets pulled back down, then log the user back in.  

This is happening on all three of our print servers as well as with different drivers.  Any ideas?

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LHFoodsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry but MS changed the policy for Windows 7 and up.  Here is the new KB:

Sorry for the runaround just trying to help. :)
BaylordawgAuthor Commented:
Sorry LHFoods, our printers are not being deployed via Group Policy.  
I'm pretty sure the change works for non-gpo deployed printers too.  Found a MS tech that recommended the fix also.  I'm sorry but I haven't tested it yet as I am still in the process of building our newest print server.

Either way good luck!
BaylordawgAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay but applying the GPO worked for us.
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