Remove older backups using Windows 2008 R2 backup

I use the local Windows 2008 R2 backup program to backup my Exchange 2010 server. I backup daily. How do a get rid of the older backups so I can free up space on my backup drive. I just see the dialy backups just growing one after the other. Can I set to say keep the last 7 days or a don't exceed a certain storage limit?
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5g6tdcv4Connect With a Mentor Commented:
short answer no. You will need a 3rd party add-on or a Script to remove the old backups
gregurlConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I also set the file storage limit on the shadow copies smaller to clear out older shadow copies.
gregurlAuthor Commented:
After setting the file storage limit on shawdow copies, the files cleared up space automatically.
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