Replacing SOHO 3 Sonicwall

I have to replace a sonicwall SOHO 3. The client has had it for a long time. They would like to get a simple one that will allow routing to severs on the network. One is a web server and the other is an SMB 2003 server. I want to be able to RDP into the SMB server and there is also an ilo functionality on it.

Preferably I'd like to get one that is under $500 and has low or no yearly fees. Wireless would be good but not necessary. I also don't want limits as to how many devices I can have on the network.

Any recommendations?
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amatson78Sr. Security EngineerCommented:
The TZ 200 Wireless is a solid unit with enough power for a small office with a few servers. It has built in wireless and also featuresSSL VPN and IPSec VPN as well as able to forward and NAT ports for servers and RDP.

mrmythAuthor Commented:
amatson78Sr. Security EngineerCommented:
Anytime, I bought one for remote access to my home office and its great.
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