Best way to copy files with keeping the security (permission) settings?

I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 that has multiple drives. Currently there is drive D:\ that users within our company can see as S:\ share. For couple of reasons I need to copy all the folders on this D:\ drive to the newly created F:\ drive that new users are supposed to see as S:\ share.

What is the FASTEST, EASIEST and MOST SECURE way to perform this WITHOUT losing the current security and permission settings?

Both drives (old D:\ drive) and newly created (F:\ drive) are on the same server. So it's local copying. Maping the new drive to look as S:\ share is not a problem, will be done via GPO.

Thanks for the tips.
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smangognaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
robocopy /? is the help

robocopy soruce destination /s /e /sec /r1 /w1 /x /np /loc:c:\log.txr

robocopy is a windows command and /sec copy the security
ZUNOAuthor Commented:
Do you mind being more specific? Perhaps the example of exact line that should go to the command line?

ZUNOAuthor Commented:

Thank you.
ZUNOAuthor Commented:
Simple and easy to understand.
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