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for my orchestra, I'm looking for a way to digitalise our library. For the moment it's a simple list with the following columns: title, composer, arrangement, duration, category, number. A line could be for instance:
Summer festival - Hender, Morris - Collyns, Jos - 07:30 - B - 43
I don't think I'm gonna need several tables. I just need to search for instance by composer, or by category. What are my possibilities? I don't know if there exists some free (or even not-free) solutions. Probably it's not that much work to create in in PHP/MySQL yourself, but I'm not an expert. But if you guys/girls want to help me in this, I'll give it a try.

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AnilData ManagerCommented:
if you want to stick to a PHP mysql solution and I am assuming that you already have a web server with PHP & MySQL i suggest

which is very easy to easy to use for beginners.

Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
Here list the music libraries,  click here
Ray PaseurCommented:
Buy this book and give yourself a few days to absorb everything.  It has everything you need to do exactly what you want, including great explanations of the technology and excellent examples that you can copy from the accompanying code library.

What you want is a single data base table with 6 columns, a search functionality for each of the columns and the basic table maintenance script to add, delete, and change information.  It's easy, and will not require more than a few hundred lines of code.  SitePoint tells you everything you need to know!

Best regards, ~Ray
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Something like this would be easier to program custom.  Just do something like this:

1. create upload page

This is the page where user(s) would upload music file(s)

Here's how to do step 1:

2. create display page

This is the page where user(s) would view all (or some) music file(s) in a directory

Here's how to do step 2:

Please let me know if you have any questions.
jvuzAuthor Commented:
The goal is not to upload music files, like I said in my begin post, for the moment it's a simple list with things like title, composer, etc, from out music sheets. the goal would be to give some users to add/edit/delete items, and allowing others to just consult the db. And if you don't have a username and password, you won't be able to have a look at the library.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Now that you have added the part about a username and password, you have changed the scope of this question greatly.  Here is how to do that part of your application.

Buy the SitePoint book.  You have a lot of moving parts to this question and the SitePoint book gives good examples of how to implement almost all of your objectives.  But also, please read this article.

You should not be in too much of a hurry nor should you feel bad if you find that this is a bigger and more complex task than you first envisioned.  If there is any economic value to the project you might want to consider hiring a professional developer.  There is nothing "hard" or otherwise unknown about the concept of the application, and the experienced programmer will get it done quickly.  However if you are new to programming, you should expect to write all of the code at least twice.  You WILL throw the first attempt away - that is almost axiomatic in computer programming.  And with the lessons learned, you will write the working version on your second or third attempt.  The advantage of hiring a professional developer is that your developer has seen this design pattern before, understands the springboards and pitfalls, and can skip all of the non-working dead-end things that the novice will inevitably try in the first or second attempt to build the application.

Best of luck with your project, ~Ray
jvuzAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks a lot everyone for the help. When I need help I'll come back.

:)  Dude, I gave you the complete answer!  Oh well, good luck.
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