Resiliency and Negative Testing

Hi Experts,

We are trying to create scenarios for destructive testing for MQ and Database. Wonder if you can give me some tips to test scenarios where we could break MQ and Database? We wanted to see the impact on the live application and how could we recover it (in-case)... just to be proactive. Thanks
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MurpheyConnect With a Mentor Application ConsultantCommented:
"I think I didn't get the adequate reply"

Please extend your question
MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Negative testing is quite easy if you ask the right question.

For every "What if" ya have to add a "What if not".
It sounds simple, but sometimes the the negative question is hard to find.
Sai1319Author Commented:
I think I didn't get the adequate reply, I want to delete this question. Please let me know the procedure. Thanks
Sai1319Author Commented:
I didn't get the relevant reply to this question
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