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I have a Joomla 1.7 website.
On the front page, right pane, I have a list of links to latest articles published on the site.  The display includes date and the article name.
The developer for the site has implemented phocadownload for this function and it works OK for PDF articles.  However, if the file is a .flv video file it does not display the video when clicking on the link.
The question is:
1. Can, and how, you confgure phocadownload to display the video on the browser when you click on the link
2. Is there another module that can do a better job at displaying any of these options:
    a. pdf file
     b. article
      c. video
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Andrew DerseIT ManagerCommented:
Gotcha.  Then in that case you are doing everything pretty close to what you need it to do.

1) For the pdf's...what I do is create a folder in the root of the website and call it something like "files" or "pdfs" (this can also be placed in the media or images directory so your clients can upload the pdfs there.  Then, I create a new menu item as an iFrame, or wrapper as it's sometimes referred to, and point that to the PDF.  For example, please refer to this site:


2) As far as the video...same kind of concept, but you will need to download and install AllVideos component/plugin for that.  Then simply paste the .flv information into article in the format that the AllVideos will read (see documentation for component).  Then create a new menu item for that particular article, just like any other article and it will display that video for you.

Is this more what you are looking for?
You can use  all videos reloaded plugin and create another article wit the embedded  flashvideo,  then just simple create a link .

dowlnoad it here:


Good Luck
ivolachAuthor Commented:
The AVreloaded does not indicate that it is compatible with Joomla 1.7
Is it?
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Andrew DerseIT ManagerCommented:
You can always use custom HTML to display pdf files and articles for your site.  

If you are looking for nice pop-up windows or light boxes check out these:

Unfortunately, most of them require you to pay some $$ for the extension.

For the video preview try this extension:

Very nice and it does work with 1.7
ivolachAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the quick reply.
I may have not explained my needs well enough.
To get a better understanding you may to the the web site www.denneboommedia.com:
On the front page, right column there is a list of 5 articles (under phocadownloaqd) that by clicking on the link, the uploaded pdf file opens up.
If you go the the 'media notes' tab you get a longer list of articles displaying the first line of the article which is a link to a file (either pdf or video)
The problem is that right now I am using two different modules (phocadownload & page blog).
Ideally, the front page will show the latest 5 articles that are showed on the media notes, and by clicking on the link it will take you either to actual article or the linked document (pdf or video)

ivolachAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
I'll work on it.
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Andrew DerseIT ManagerCommented:
AllVideos reloaded doesn't work in 1.7...AllVideos does, but not AllVideos Reloaded...
ivolachAuthor Commented:
I did not realize the comments came from two different people but in any case your commnet didn't realy help much.
I wasnt aware av reloaded is not j17 compatible.
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