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Hi All,

I'm in charge of creating a table that filterable in a SharePoint environment.  I understand access can work with SharePoint as a linked table.  But I don’t want to start this task until I’m sure it's the best approach moving forward.  
I would want to the user to be able to view the table without having Access installed on each users' workstation; web accessible. I understand Access web services can accomplish this task.
I've also come across suggestions to use Excel table with auto-filters.  Would this be a better option?

Ultimately I want to be able to automate sending report/ tables via email.  I'm looking for a suggestion on how to design and reference doc to support how to accomplish that suggestion.

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Nick67Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not big on SharePoint.
And I don't personally get the point of using SharePoint with Access
But from what you've described, why aren't you just using native SharePoint lists?
They can be filtered.
Have a look at the links and see what you think
IT_newbie01Author Commented:
Sharepoint is 2010.
IT_newbie01Author Commented:


 Thanks so much for the response.  Thats what i needed to hear!  It seemed to me that trying to tackle the problem is Access was unecessary. This Does Sharepoint support automated reports??
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No, sharepoint by itself does not, but you could just have the users visit the site when they want the 'report'... if the reports need to be available offline, then look at creating a powershell script to query the data and email the report via a scheduled task.

If you have SQL Server Reporting Services, that will integrate with SharePoint 2010 and will email reports, but that might be overkill for your solution.
IT_newbie01Author Commented:
FastFngrz/ Nick67: I received more clarification for the client.  They are using Project web data base; Access interfaces with what they are currently using.  So this is why they are pushing for Access.  They do have a SQL server on the back-end.  Seeing how Access 2010 doesn’t support VBA code I’m at a loss.  I’m assuming no stored procedures, no vb.  I’m limited to using templates???  Seem like serious limitations!  Am I missing something???
So they are using Project Server?  In any case, I'd ditch the idea of spamming users with reports and let them pick them up on demand :)
It's not that Access 2010 CAN'T use all of the things you mentioned.  It can and does.  A web-published database can't contain VBA.  Supposedly, the macros have been beefed up to the point where VBA is passe.  You'll have to experiment and see.  The Access 2010 runtime is free.  Start googling and experimenting.  That's your only option
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