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I have a single domain with two locations a colo location and the office.  The colo has one DC on a 192.168.200.x subnet and the office has a DC on a 192.168.100.x subnet.  Most of the time these two DC replicate and work fine.  Every now and then, nothing on the 100.x subnet can browse to the 200.x subnet and visa versa.  So if I explore the network, select our domain from the 100.x subnet, the only computers that show up are the ones on the 100.x subnet.  I get an error that says network path not found.

What can I do to refresh the connection between these two locations so they can see each other?
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you on 2008 or 2003?  Do you have WINS on your network?


sfletcher1959VPAuthor Commented:
Windows server 2003, not wins

We actually called in a MS ticket and they suggested wins, but it didn't seem to make any difference.

Again, when this happens, it eventually comes back, but for the days/week it is down, it really hurts.  Is there a way to force replication between the two subnets?
repadmin /synall /PAed will force replication.  Your issue might lie with network connectivity.  do you have a site to site VPN or a dedicated circuit between teh sites that flaps alot?
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sfletcher1959VPAuthor Commented:
Site to site VPN.  I can remote to servers on the other side using Dameware and I can ping the other side.  Ping results are normal.  I can also connect with remote desktop connection.  When I open windows explore, I only see devices at our HQ.  If I RDC to the other side and open explorer I can only see those computers on that side.  I even tried to add a host entry on a server on this side.  Then when I try to connect, it trys to open the window but gives me a message that says I don't have the rights.  This is the same login that I use on both sides.  I can log into the server on the colo side as long as I try from the colo side.
SuperTacoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All of your DNS servers are Ad integrated i take it?  What devices are you using for your site to site  i've seen a couple of SonicwALL and cisco issues where a firmware update was in order and the issue went away.
sfletcher1959VPAuthor Commented:
We are using Cisco ASA appliances.  Prior to that we were using Cisco 515R firewalls.  I don't think these are the issue because we changed and the problem still haunts us.  I really must be an AD item, just wished i could figure it our.  Microsofts fix was to add Wins servers, but that didn't work for long.  It seemed better for a short while and now we are back to the same problem.  They recommended that we demote the DC and promote a new server.  We did that also and the problem remains.
Mike KlineCommented:
So WINS only fixed it temporarily.  Man I won't blow smoke you have me stumped.  
sfletcher1959VPAuthor Commented:
Well it fixed itself this morning.  No changes to the server.  No reboots.  Just started working.  Still couldn't get the the shared folder on the other server once I could browse to it, but I discovered that File and Printer sharing for MS windows wasn't installed.  Once that was installed, everything works.  Drives me crazy!
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