Please advise.

I have 100's of SQL DB Servers in the DataCenter and need to take the database backup in each servers so while checking in the HP Site and they recommended NAS as a solution for my requirement.

Basically, in the daily basis the data would be moved to this NAS system and then data has to be backup up from the NAS to the tape drives.

Whether, this can be achievable like
1) Moving data from 100's servers into the NAS system
2) In the retention Period the data can be moved to the Tape Library from NAS system ?

Can someone give me the design plan for moving to huge data to the Tape library

The tape library slots has to be at-least 12 slots ( Any Such library available from HP/Dell)

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BDithelpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We use a HP StorageWorks X1600 with a MSA60 attached all with 1TB drives with about 18TB usable after said and done with RAID and OS. SAS attached Sun StorageTek SL24 - tape autoloader and CA ArcServe as the backup software loaded right on the X1600 which has Windows Storage Server 2008 installed on, use SQL express 2008 R2 on NAS as well. X1600 can take 2 cpus and plenty of RAM to run the backups but there are others HP offers, choose based on your needs. You can also add another tape drive in the StorageTek is you need.

Backup everything to disk after hours and then push to tape during day. Same can be done with Backup Exec for D2D2T if your more familiar with that software or there are others.

If needed can also add more MSA60's to increase the NAS disk space.

If you choose you can do deduplication to save space as well and compression and encryption easily. Most of the work is just learing the software you choose if you have not used it before.

Agree with Andy, more info on setup would go a long way. 100's of SQL server or databases, seems to be would be hard to be already backing those up to a single tape drive without a auto loader if they had any size at all to them.
What in my view HP means, is the following

Use a proper backup software package to perform, what is called a D2D2T backup solution.
This means periodically (at requirement) 'copy' your data to a different disk volume (usually a network disk, such as, but not necesseraly, a NAS device. At more convenient time the primary backed up data will be copied to tape and (preferably) eventually stored on different premises.

This is in a nutshell the basic backup idea.
Note that there are many, and I really mean a lot, of different scenarios to consider, for which it is best to hire a professional backup recovery consultant to outline a) how to setup your business requirements b) to translate them into technical requirements and c) to translate thaese into a proper backup/recovery solution.

Jan Meijer
SQLM_MAuthor Commented:
HP -> www.hp.com

Any best NAS Box available for  having the capicity of 8 TB with connectivity to Tape Library.

In addition, which can be best tool for moving data between NAS and Tape

Please suggest.

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Before jumping into conclusions as to what hardware configuration you could use, I like to emphasize that your backup plan must be the lead to all this.

Are you already running a backup solution? With what software?
If not, dis you decide on the software?

In short also explain:
a) what OS are your databases running under.
b) what database are you using
c) What applications are you running

As to the hardware:
I would suggest to install a iSCSI based storage device with the required capacity (we'll come to that later) and a separate tape lib available over Ethernet (i.e. IP based). Not a NAS device.
But that depends on the source configuration: OS, hardware, Ethernet capable of iSCSI and so on.

Please be more specific as to what configuration is to be secured.

Jan Meijer

Just to make sure what you really need/want:

Copying data from a db-server to the NAS (as you stated) would result in a series of files on the NAS device. securing these files need a backup software solution on a separate backup server. Tpa solutions (stand alone or library) can be attached directly to a NAS device using a NDMP connection , or indirectly over the (dedicated?) LAN.

There could be all in one solutins on the market to bring a solution, but I am not aware of any. So a combined hardware software soltion seems more appropriate to me. As in NAS device, LAN usage, backup server and Tape device (Lib or stand alone)

The latter could be the start of a config to propose.

Jan Meijer
SQLM_MAuthor Commented:
Hi Jan,
We are already having a Backup solution with followings.

1) Windows 2003 OS
2) Tape Drive 1 Slot
3) SQL Server 2000/2008
4) Backup Utility for moving the data between the server and Tape

Can you please give me some additinal information about (separate tape lib available over Ethernet)

JanEnEmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Moharnaj,

An example of a Tape library is the Dell Powervault TL2x00 series: iSCSI connected drives and libraries will use the existing or new (as in complementary) LAN
I know IBM also used to have equivalent libraries/drives. HP does not.

Please note that using a simple backup utility for tape is not a recommended solution for D2D2T: There is no roper control over the relationship between original data and data on the tape: That must be administered manually or built in the procedures with large complexity! But I suppose it will work.
Jan Meijer
How are you doing the backup, with SQL's inbuilt backup under a maintenance plan or through something like Backup Exec SQL agents? That makes a big difference on the design.

If you use SQL then backup to a remote UNC and then have a tape library on that is what HP are suggesting, that's pretty straight forwards, you can buy an X1500 G2 NAS box and since it runs Windows you can install normal backup software on it such as Backup Exec.

You can also use the same hardware with remote agents but there is also the option to use a virtual library system for the disk staging area, this achieves better compression than standard D2D2T because the virtual library de-duplicates the virtual tapes. Virtual tape library costs a lot because of the cost of the de-duplication software.
SQLM_MAuthor Commented:
Hi Andy & Jan,

Thanks for guiding.

Having few more doubts in this.

Like, X1500 This is NAS Box, are there any related product for Tape Library in same HP products ?

1) Can you please share the TapeLibrary for HP (atleast 12 Slots)

2) In X1500, Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 Standard x64 Edition has any application for scheduling the data to Tape Drives. (Eg. Veritas )

Mohanraj Jayaraman
MSL2024 ought to do, http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/13258_div/13258_div.html LTO5 model has 6Gb SAS version. It comes with HP Data Protector Express Basic backup and recovery software which is enough to backup the server so it will backup any local files including any that the SQL servers have backed up to through UNC.

HP don't do HBAs but suggest the P212/zero to put in the NAS server to connect to the library, it's listed in quickspecs above. You may also need an expansion shelf of disks for the X1500 G2, you don't say how much data there is to be backed up. You might also need two drives in the library, again I can't tell without knowing how much data there will be per day.

I suggest a dedupe appliance that you can backup to, and can also coordinate with the backup software for moving data to tape and keeping that all catalogued. Look at EMC/DataDomain, Quantum DXi, ExaGrid, FalconStor, etc. I don't think that a basic NAS target that doesn't have any intelligence in terms of dedupe or integration with backup software makes much sense unless you are just trying to do it on the very cheap.
andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's no great advantage of dedupe with D2D2T, the staging area just has to be big enough to hold a few day's backups and fast enough to feed the tape library so that shoe-shining doesn't occur (which is one reason not to use iSCSI tape library but SAS of fibre channel). Dedupe could actually get in the way by making the reads from disk more random, for speed you really want sequential read. I'm not even sure the X1500 is fast enough for an LTO5 with the default number of disks.

Still need more info from questioner about how much data there is to backup per day and whether they intend to use agents or not. 100 SQL servers hitting any NAS box with their backups would be rather a strain on it unless it was very big expensive one.
SQLM_MAuthor Commented:
Received Collective information from everyone and got it what i want it.

Thanks to Everyone who have given support for choosing me a design for my requirement.
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