Windows Security Centre no values for AVG anti virus


I have a number of XP machines that are running AVG (not free)

I have a script that reads the WSC values but there is nothing in there for these machines.

I tried to repair the WMI repository and also reinstall AVG but nothing.

Does anybody know of a way to resolve this issue - AVG definitely does report to the WSC just for some reason on these machines it is not.

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mickinoz2005Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The issue was caused because Group Policy was disabling the WSC I removed the GPO and forced an update - all working now.
Here are a couple of topics that may have comments that are helpful.

Unfortantely, many in these groups and others actually prefer other products over AVG.

Also AVG has support for both paid and free versions of their product.
mickinoz2005Author Commented:
thanks nothing in them - just people moaning about AVG, we have deployed to 900 machines so not changing and it works fine on vista and 7 I think it works also on a lot of the XP just found a big bunch that it doesnt...

mickinoz2005Author Commented:
I solved it myself by altering Group Policy on the server
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