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I am good web designer (graphics and css) but I wanted to know if there is a simple CMS system that allows me to control data in a website with a backend without using a complex one like wordpress.   EXAMPLE OF WHAT I MEAN.   I build a simple pizzeria website, the client doesn’t need to control the text on every page, but rather just log into a CMS and update maybe the daily specials.  There has to be something out there that allows you to log into a simple cms where you fill out html in the box and then it shows you what could you should put to export the content?

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I have made my own several times.  Make the content pages load the info from a database and then provide a login to a set of admin pages for them to enter the data in forms that POST the data to the database.  Something that simple is not something that people will usually invest time in for others to use.
I stumbled upon simple news cms a while back. It is a simple CMS system, but flexible enough to be extended with add-ons.


I hope this helps

John Lam
Ray PaseurCommented:
This article shows the design pattern that I have used for similar things.  Please read it over and post back if you have any questions.
Introduction to Web Design

Develop a strong foundation and understanding of web design by learning HTML, CSS, and additional tools to help you develop your own website.

DarrenMagicxAuthor Commented:
None of these solutions are close,  I am looking for something that just simply exports a box of html to a php page.  
Ray PaseurCommented:
I am looking for something that just simply exports a box of html to a php page.

I am not sure where you stand on the learning curve of HTML and PHP, so please forgive me if I am talking down to you.  PHP is a server-side scripting language.  PHP is used to create HTML.  The created HTML is the web page.  So there is no such thing as a PHP page.  There is a PHP script that runs on the server.  The PHP script is used to create the web page.  In the course of creating a web page, the PHP script may draw on environmental variables as well as its underlying data model, often a MySQL data base.  The PHP script may ask for client input, receive it and process it, modifying the underlying data model and thereby changing the future contents of the created HTML.  SitePoint publishes a good book that talks about how all of this is done.

Did you read the article here?  It shows how one might do what you described in the daily specials.

Please describe what design pattern you would want that is different from the design pattern shown in the article.  Thanks, ~Ray
DarrenMagicxAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you response Ray,  

  I know that the proper way to build a php driven database website would be by either learning that book or having a programmer do it for me.   What I am looking for is a simple solution which may not even exist.   My question was is there a simple program which I can install on my server which does the work for me.  With all the programs out there today I find it hard to believe that one doesn't exist like the one I am looking for.   I am very good with wordpress and usually build my sites around them.  But wordpress is a huge overkill for what I am trying to achieve.

So here is the example (if a program like this exists that anyone is aware of :)  )    the example is I install a simple admin system.  In this system I log in.  Then I click an article. lets say I name it article 3.  I write some plain text in the field.  and then it shows me the code to paste into my document to pull just this one field out of the database onto my webpage which I can style once its on it.

I know I can achieve this by simply making a databse and using code to pull it out, but the problem is I need just that simple admin panel so that a user can log in like a client and update his articles for those sections.  and that it!  =)   does anything exist like this? or should I put it down for santa this year?  :)
Ray PaseurCommented:
Put it on the list for Santa.

What you describe is a very simple task for an experienced programmer and it would not cost you much money at all to hire a programmer to write it for you.  But it will be a bespoke web application, it will require integration into your web site and data base, into your client authentication scheme, etc.  In other words, even though it is easy to describe, there are a lot of moving parts that must be custom-made for your unique requirements.  You would need to develop wireframe screen shots, a DB table scheme that suits your underlying application, test data, etc.

For the part about "install a simple admin system" you might use the design pattern shown in this article.

I think I would probably use Notepad for the part about "write some plain text."  I can see no value in using a web application if all I want to do is write some plain text.  No code would be needed to "paste into my document" - you would just highlight, copy, paste, save.  The text would remain in the web page until you wanted to change the web page.  Then you could open Notepad again... Lather, Rinse, Repeat.  Frankly, I do not see the advantage of bringing a data base into the mix.

If you want to give a non-programmer control over a part of a web site, this example shows you how to do it.  I am not going to leave this on my server long term, but I will leave it a while so you can see the scripts in action.

Show the contents of the chalkboard:

Update the contents of the chalkboard:

You can make your own updates to see how it works.  The password is hardcoded in line #10 of the code snippet shown in the article.

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
One of the flaws in your concept is that it requires you to be able to have write access to the files in your admin pages.  Opening files and directories up to being written to from the web is a bad idea from a security viewpoint.  Using a database at least requires a login from the PHP page.

I understand that you feel that Wordpress is overkill.  But it is a 5 minute install including selecting a new theme.  Takes less time than posting and answering this question.  On many hosting companies, it is a 'One-Click' install to boot.
DarrenMagicxAuthor Commented:
Thank you Ray, this is perfect for what I needed, just a simple way to update text for the client! This will work perfect!
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