How to get local HDD (C and/or D) and local CDROM mapped on Citrix XenApp 6

I need a way to create a map for the local computer desktop of the C drive, or in some case D drive of our W7 or XP workstations so that it is visible when using Apps on our Citrux XenApp server.

Specifically, I would want the map to go to a \\<local computername>\%userprofile%\desktop\transfer folder, and have it mapped as "T".

The catch here, is that some of my local computers use D as their Windows partition, so we need to accommodate those too.

Appreciate any suggestions.
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Dirk KotteConnect With a Mentor SECommented:
i think your problem is the %username% - variable ...
try first to map the driveLetter to "\\client\c$\"
at which point you try to map the local-user-desktop? (logon-script;usrlogon.cmd;others)
are there realy a "\documents and setttings" folder at the client or there are "users"?

DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity EngineerCommented:
have you tried mapping it from either the terminal server login on AD
or used GPO to map said drive?
Dirk KotteSECommented:
within citrix you should use \\client\c\%userneme%\desktop
\\client\ allways points to the local - client workstation while using Citrix.
try opening \\client\c within published explorer or the open dialog from notepad

DebbieFostAuthor Commented:
So I assume that there is no way to have a pass through UNC variable that just goes to the default windows partition on the local PC client? (remember - some of my computers do not have a local C HDD)
DebbieFostAuthor Commented:
Ok, we are trying to map a drive letter to the local desktop using the following: \\client\c$\documents and setttings\%username%\desktop from our citrix session, and we are getting an error. If I copy and paste that path into a RUN command it resolves perfectly....what is the trick to mapping a driver letter down to the local PC desktop in citrix?
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