What is the difference between these two OOP classes?

I'm not sure where else to post these academic questions and my advisor seems to lack an understanding of how to communicate such things to a newbie like me. I'm having a hard time understanding what these classes are about and what their differences are:


I have beginner/intermediate programming skills but have not yet taken any advanced programming courses.
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dpearsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My reading of the description is that the primary goal of SE 430 is to teach you about the Unified Process - which is a very formal method for analyzing and constructing OO designs and models.  It's the sort of thing that is useful if you want to go and work for IBM - because there'll be a team of 5 guys whose entire job is to build these sort of diagrams to spec out the new architecture for tracking GM's car inventory.  If you want that sort of career path, that's a good class.  Based on the description you're not going to learn so much how to come up with great OO designs - more how to document and describe those designs in a formal process.  Some companies need that but lots don't.

If you instead want to get a job as a web developer at Facebook or at Johnny-hot-startup.com you'll get much more value out of SE 450.  It's going to explain what web frameworks are in use today - what their strengths and weaknesses are - how to architect a system out of different OO components etc.

I wouldn't go so far as to say SE 430 will be a waste of time - you may get a broader view of how to think about OO designs in a more abstract manner and that can be very useful in the long run - but it will likely be less practical use to you esp if you goal is to land an internship.

sshah254Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The first one is for analysis and design ... the second is for software development.

If you are going to be an analyst / designer, then the first one is useful ... it will teach you over all concepts and teach you how to analyze systems, or develop them.  No need to get into the details of the models / objects or how to develop them, no matter what platform / language is used.

The second one is more geared towards learning how to program using the object oriented methodologies ... the nitty gritty details of software development (as opposed to the overall design at the higher level as in the previous case).

Hope this helps.

EindoofusAuthor Commented:
@sshah254, thanks :). Sorry, I have one more question. Which one would you recommend that I take first? I'm hoping to go into into web development and try to get an internship.

Would it be alright to take both at the same time?
The 450 course will be much more helpful to you if you wish to become a web (or any other) sort of developer.  You want some understanding of the real issues - not just the ways to write nice UML model diagrams (which the 430 class focuses on - and in the real world are very rarely used).

The 450 class will likely also be a bit tougher as you can see from the higher pre-requisites.

It would certainly be fine to take both at the same time - but for the real world 450 is the one you need.

EindoofusAuthor Commented:
Will SE 430 do much for me other than just teach me how to write nice UML models? I would imagine that such a class would expand on the conceptual knowledge of OOP and development since nothing is slowed down by doing code, and later those models could be used to create code. Is this the case or is SE 430 a waste of time when compared to SE 450?
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