How does this course tie into web development?

I'm going to school for a degree in E-Commerce Technology and I'm curious how this class ties into web development. I'm debating on taking it as an elective since it sounds interesting but I want to make sure it's not a waste of time for the field I plan to go into:
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rrzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I presume that you already know Java.  The course se452 will hopefully teach you how to make web pages on a server using Java technologies.  Look at   Part 1  and Part 2  at   
You could just read a lot of references like these and learn it by yourself. Of course, the experts here can be very helpful.  
Gurvinder Pal SinghCommented:
do you plan to have a online business in future?
EindoofusAuthor Commented:
What is the difference between JSP and J2EE. Does this class teach both?
Gurvinder Pal SinghConnect With a Mentor Commented:
JSP is part of J2EE.

JSP is the way of showing dynamic content on a website
J2EE is the framework of making enterprise applications
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