csv format and splitters

i use a program called csv splitter (

it is able to process the format from manual copy/paste or excel to generate from a query directly, but not the format from sql server - save as csv option.

could you see why it may reject the system output of csv from sql server?

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Notepad++ isn't a hex editor on its own; however, there's a plug-in for it that enables hex editing. See instructions and info here:

SourceForge.net: Notepad++: Topic: Hex editor
I can't tell anything by the image. Everything looks correct regardless of the method used to output the CSV file. However, I'm wondering if the SQL Server version has some "invisible" characters in it.

Are you simply typing the CR/LF text for the sake of the image, or are you 100% certain that there is a CR/LF combination at the end of each file?

Try reading the files into a hex editor (some programming editors have one built in) and compare. You should be able to see that way if anything at all is different, 'cause it will show you character-by-character the contents of the file.
25112Author Commented:
i got them in notepad++ is that hex editor?
25112Author Commented:
this definitely  helps.
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