split "the_content"

Is it possible to split the <?php the_content(); ?>
What i mean is having the text, photos and etc in separated div?

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gwkgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do anything you want to the_content() with a custom function and filter.


Exactly how to create a function that separates the images from the text is a question better asked in the PHP zone.
Ryan WeaverInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Out of the box, I don't think so:
Function Reference/the content
Customizing the Read More
h4hardySr. Software EnginnerCommented:
no you are not able to do the same.
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maybe usng some regExp.. but it would be some work.
using Featured images (+ MultiPostThumbnails) you can separate text and images better
RefaelAuthor Commented:

Hi ovi_mihai, thanks,

I do use the 'Featured images' that's why i want to control the text div and the image div.
ovi_mihaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
regexp is not pretty

try patern like /<img([^>]*)>/

in a preg_match_all function.

then you'll need to remove the images with preg_replace and the same patern.

it should work fine but it is not the sure way
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