Outlook 2003 GAL Search by display name

We want enable users to search by thier prrefered name as well in Global Address Book in Outlook 2003 and exchange 2003.
I dont want to change first name and last name. It has to be be legal name

At this point the default serch box finds only by first name. I tried to add prrefered name in display name but (Advance search) only search within first word. and It does not search after space.

Is there any best practice to search by display name from default search box and search whole name rather than first word only.
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amarpal0102Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It does not work for me. I tried another columns as well same results. Outlook search from every column. but It search only within first word from any column. If i add "Amarpal Singh" in any column like, title, office, name etc. It only return results for "Amarpal", not any for "Singh".

I could not find any solution. May be we need to add Prrefered name into office or address columns.
We had the same problem because our names in AD are stored in 'LastName, FirstName' format so the search function would only filter if you typed in the first letters of the user's last name and would not find results when the first name was used, this obviously cause frustration for users.

We resolved the problem when moving to Outlook 2007 which provides a radio button above the search box to select either 'Name only' or 'More columns' when 'More columns' is selcted you can search by anything and it usually finds the name you're looking for.

I know this may not help you immediately but it could be something to add to the list of reasons to upgrade office =)

amarpal0102Author Commented:
We have more than half users with outlook 2007 and 2010. But I tried to add prrefered name in display name but (more columns/ Advance search) only search within first word. and It does not search after space.

if the diplay name is:
Amarpal Singh (Amar)

then i can only find results when i serch "Amarpal" and dont det any results when i search "Singh" or "Amar". So I could not search after space. Serch only within first word
Interesting, I am using Outlook 2010 and I just tested on a coleague's computer using Outlook 2007 searching my name 'Swan, Nevin (Corp)' I am able to search for 'nevin', 'corp' etc. I am even able to search phone number, address, country and others all display results.

I did find this thread which is anecdotal evidance that sometimes the More columns field can be screwy:


However I have no solutions, sorry.
amarpal0102Author Commented:
We just upgraded to exchange 2010 and all the problems have been solved.
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