cannot access 2003 server with rdp

HI, I have a 2003 server that I used to be able to access by remote desktop.  suddenly I cannot.
also, this server runs a sql2000 database program that my terminal services users cannot connect to anymore.
what should I check?
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if the server is up and you can't ping it, try disabling IPSEC Service.  

if yo can ping it, then repair IPSEC
Are you able to ping the server by name or IP?
Try after a restart, if possible. As always have a current backup before restarting.

From a command prompt on your PC try:
telnet servername 3389
195ecentralaveAuthor Commented:
I cannot connect by telnet servername 3389

how do i open that port?
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195ecentralaveAuthor Commented:
cannot ping either
Amitabh SinghAWS Certified Solution Architect | L3 IT Specialist for CloudCommented:
hi i recommend you to check the fallowing

reboot your system and then try to RDP if not working then do the fallowing

1st : check your cable connection if its connected properly and working (can be some loss or dad cable)
2nd : check your system Lan card configuration if IP is correct and Lan card is enable
3nd : disable windows firewall service if running

now try to ping some server from your windows 2003 server if possible , if ping is working now , Disable and enable RDP again !
Please let us know if you were able to reboot the server?
195ecentralaveAuthor Commented:
did reboot, disabled ipsec service
can pin that server's ip but not the name of the server.
195ecentralaveAuthor Commented:
can ping the server's ip ok, and can attach to the database by inserting the ip address instead of the name, but cannot resolve the name,
ipsec disabled.
Do you have access to your DNS server and are able to see/update the host record for the server?

What happens when you do:
nslookup servername
Amitabh SinghAWS Certified Solution Architect | L3 IT Specialist for CloudCommented:
after disabling IPsec are you able to ping other server ?

as you saying name resuscitation not working , < are you able to ping DNS server ? if not check if you have some firewall in between sql and dns server which is blocking port 53  and ICMP
195ecentralaveAuthor Commented:
yes, i can ping the dns server
195ecentralaveAuthor Commented:
oops!  my mistake.  i cannot ping the database server.  I had the ip for that one

Pinging tmserver.rwa.llcal [] with 32 bytes of data

request timed out.

BUT!!!!  that box is

and I can ping that ip
and access the database by that ip

so, why does it think that its a different ip;

i went to ipconfig, did a flusdns, release, renew adn registerdns
no help there.
but we are on to something, i think
did you try the IPSEC repair yet/
Before Checking anything DNS, you should understand when a DNS query is made, and when a Netbios Query is made...

UNC stands for Universal Naming Convention. When you type in a path to a local share, there are three typical ways of doing so...

1) \\\share name... As you can see, this references an IP address, that IP is then converted to a MAC address using ARP to communicate with the server or computer holding the share.
2) \\\share... In this case, this will look at a Fully qualified domain name. The Network redirector service will see a server name with a period in it, or if the name is larger than 15 charactors. That DNS query will either look within the local DNS cache or a DNS server, translate that to an IP address, and then again translate it into a MAC address...
3) \\Servername\Share... In this case, the UNC path is less than 15 charactors and also has no periods. So, this will contact the Netbios Name Server. Yes, Netbios is still heavily used within a domain. It is a broadcast protocol, and therefore netbios queries are often not found by a remote computer that is not within the broadcast domain.

So, when troubleshooting remember when netbios is used and DNS is used for resolving a UNC path.

With that said, Software firewalls often block Netbios and ICMP echo (Ping). But, since you can ping after a reboot (By IP, but not by netbios name) you have a problem with netbios translation. Are your clients on a remote site, where they can't reach the netbios name server with netbios broadcasts? If so, use Either the IP address, or DNS database for resolution...

On an unrelated issue:

If you are having problems with Terminal services (meaning remote desktop), periodically and only a reboot helps, then maybe your server is looking at another port than 3389. This was a problem with SP2... Let me see if I can find the write up on this. Reboot may only temporarily resolve the issue.
195ecentralaveAuthor Commented:
when I do a nslookup tmserver on the server that has been providing dns, i get the following:

can't find server name fo raddress non-existent domain
server: unKnown

Name: tmserver.rwa.local

Now this is really strange!! is the address of the active directory server

it is supposed to be providing dns for the entire site.

tmserver is the sql server and its ip is

so is my dns server not working correctly?

Makes perfect sense to me:

NSlookup is only telling you it went to your AD server to perform a DNS query. Since you didn't provide the DNS suffix, your DNS query will come back as can't find the domain and the Top level domain name server for tmserver doesn't exist.

But, then it looks in it's forward lookup zone and says: TMSERVER>.(domain suffix) has the IP address of

So, DNS is working right.

Please read:
NSLookup is STRICTLY a DNS troubleshooting utility: There is a comparable utility for netbios called NBlookup. It's free to download.

Ping will troubleshoot either IP address (ARP), Servername.domain.local (DNS), or computername (netbios):

So, with a netbios problem, which you have, you can ping by IP, you can ping by, and you can NOT ping by computername.
here's another on for RDP.  i've had RDP not work when  print spooler get corrupted.  Try restarting it.  I know it has nothing to do with the NETBIOS issues but it might help an RDP issue.  Do you have a WINS server defined?
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