spooler.svc deadlocked

I am having a problem where on one particular desktop the spoolersvc.exe process deadlocks and then obviously any programs that uses it (word, excel etc) waits for it indefinitely)

The current solution is to end the process and just start it again and everything comes back to life.
The eventlog doesn't report anything about the spooler except for me ending it unexpectedly.

I am wondering if we can turn diagnostic logging on or something for the spooler service perhaps.This seem to happen at startup, on first print, then after that it works ok.

It also doesn't happen at each startup, only some.

The OS is windows 7 32 bit.
The server sharing the printer is a mix of SBS 2008 and Server Standard 2008 64 bit
There are numerous other clients running exactly the same printers and drivers who don't have this problem.  Two Desktops have this problem though.

The printers used are:
On the SBS server:
Brother HL-2270DW series, running on wireless
Kyocera FS-C5300DN
On the server Standard:
Samsung SCX-6345N

The reason the samsung printer is seperate to the rest is because as soon as you start printing through it on the SBS server documents gets stuck in the printer queues.

All the printers are running the latest drivers of the website, except for the samsung which is running a PCL5 driver.
The samsung is running this driver because it seems to be the most stable of the lot including(PCL6, and Universal)

Any help appreciated.
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Sushant GulatiConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
And rename this DLL or update it. It's for Brother..

0:000> lmvm BRUIM10A
start    end        module name
70010000 700ee000   BRUIM10A T (no symbols)          
    Loaded symbol image file: BRUIM10A.DLL
    Image path: C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\BRUIM10A.DLL
    Image name: BRUIM10A.DLL
    Timestamp:        Fri Jun 11 07:20:00 2010 (4C119648)

Its loading into the Stack on Thread # 2....

Good Luck..!!
On the two desktops, might just be a driver corrupting the spooler..... I would remove ALL printers and their corresponding drivers, then start from scratch.....

Windows 7 Steps (this is my standard response for spooler problems)....

Remove all physical printers.

Once the printer(s) is deleted, go to start>, and type CMD (Right Click, and "Run As Administrator"

net stop spooler
net start spooler

Click Start, and type "Print Management">Print Servers>Local>Drivers>Rt Click a driver and select "Remove Driver Package", and remove them all.....

Then try and reinstall the network/local printers
EHWtechAuthor Commented:
Hi Johnb6767

I have tried this, but not exactly the way you said.
The weird thing is that no matter if I delete all the printer queues, or physical printers.
The Print Management snap in always says that the driver is in use.

The only way to remove the printer is to restart the spooler and then within 1-4 seconds from it starting, remove the driver, then it seems to remove it.

Not sure if this is the cause to the problem, or related.
Any ideas how to get past that?

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Sushant GulatiConsultantCommented:
Make sure the Print Spooler service is running from the Services Console...

1. Download Debugging tools for Windows

http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols/debuggers/dbg_x86_6.11.1.404.msi -- Install this tool...

2. Open elevated command prompt, go to C:\Progam Files\Debugging tools for windows --- Copy and paste this command

cscript adplus.vbs -hang -pn spoolsv.exe -o c:\adplus_spooler_deadlock

This has to be done at the time when the problem has started or the symptoms you see...

Or easiest way is .....

1. Download the process explorer tool on your machine


2. Download Debugging tools for Windows

3. Extract the Process Explorer tool.. Run the Procexp.exe .. Under Options - Configure Symbols
DBGhelp.dll Path
Under C:\Progam Files\Debugging tools for windows\Dbghelp.DLL
Symbols Path:

In both the cases go to the dump file location and zip the dump and upload it. I will see what is in there causing this. This is some driver is causing this.

Q: If this is only with 2 machines then, did you check?

@@ What happens if remove the Samsung Printer driver and delete the Samsung printer from this machine? -- TEST PRINT
@@ Same goes with the Brother? -- TEST PRINT
@@ Same goes with KYOCERA? -- TEST PRINT

Add them one by one in the respective way these have been removed.... TEST PRINT...

This is just because we need to rule the driver which is causing this issue.

Hope this helps..!!

Good Luck...
EHWtechAuthor Commented:
Sounds great, I will wait for the problem to re occur and then install those utilities.
Thanks for the help.
Sushant GulatiConsultantCommented:
Keep yourself ready with the download and installation of the tools so that you can dump the process at the time of the issue. That's how I would do...

Good Luck..!!
EHWtechAuthor Commented:
This morning it have done it again.
I hope i have done this correctly
I followed your instructions.
Not sure about the symbols path as it looks like a URL and a folder that doesn't exist c:\symbols
I just copied it and continued anyway. (it did accept it)

I then went to spoolersv.exe and created a full dump and mini dump.
The full dump is 57MB so not going to upload it unless you need it i can put it on FTP.
I have attached the minidump though
Thanks for your help, much appreciated
EHWtechAuthor Commented:
by the way the problem with the process of elimination you suggested in your post is that it only does this every 2 -3 days at some random time.
So I cannot let the user run without their printer for a week to see if the problem goes away.
When it is in deadlock, they can't print to any printers at all, they don't even show up in device and printers.

Printing to all the printers work fine for 2 -3 days then this happens, it doesn't just freeze once you print to a specific printer.
Sushant GulatiConsultantCommented:
You should upload the dump over http://uploading.com after zipping it. In the MiniDump I dont think it must be so useful though I will look into it and check that and update you on this.

The answer to your query..

There is no way you can print without running the Spoolsv.exe because that's the process called by the Spooler service. Even to have the Printer and Device console open the System must be running with the Print Spooler service. I would have made the user understand to right click in the Process Explorer and Create a Full Dump of the process at the time of DeadLock Situation.

Then this is a Print Spooler issue. I would also do this..COPY AND PASTE THE COMMAND
C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows\> gflags.exe /p /enable Spoolsv.exe /full /decommit

Restart the Spooler Service and monitor it. Start the Process Explorer to keep this under monitor and take the dump at the time of the issue.

Let me know if you still have this confusion..

Good Luck..!!

Sushant GulatiConsultantCommented:
Any news bro???

PanopticComputerServicesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was stumped by this issue for weeks until today!

New Win7 x64 deployment for customer was hanging daily while trying to print from any application.

The solution was to install the Brother Universal PCL5e/6 Driver that they recommend anyway for network printers. So far so good on this end.

This does not seem to be a well known issue yet. However, after isolating the issue I found this post confirming this is a widespread problem with this driver.

EHWtechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  
Seems the issue could not be resolved as the computer in question has had a failed main board since then and have been replaced.

I have not been able to try the solutions you proposed as i have been away, hence the delay.

Thanks again for your help.
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