Difference Between J2EE and .Net

Hi experts,

                    What is the difference between .Net and J2EE and where to use J2EE and .Net .Is .Net stable as J2EE for heavy security domains like banking etc. As per my knowledge J2EE is used for most of the Banking like domain. Is .Net has any stability problem for large scale Enterprise domains.

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mohammad827Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Both are equally good in terms of features and capabilities. .Net being from Microsoft provies very easy integration for every other Microsoft tools and featues like servers, ADSI, exchange, office, sharepoint and evrythign else from Microsoft stable.

The advantage with J2EE is that it can be deployed on non-windows OS like Linux, SOlaris or any other. Now since Windows OS are most susceptible to virus as most target virus are written for them, people generally prefer J2EE for financial apps to minimize hacking an virus related issues.

J2EE has heel lot of diff opensource frameworks available which can be integrates to suite ones needs. But there is huge learning curve and one also spoilt for choices.
J2EE app can be deploye don freely available servers like Glassfish, etc so cost of deployment can be low.

Development time of J2EE app is on higher side.
Easwaran ParamasivamCommented:
.NET is also more powerful where you can use for you Banking project. For difference between .net and j2ee is listed in below links well.

Well, all depends on programmers of course.
Why Java is used mostly - because it is OS independent
and .NET is written only on Windows.
Yes, There are tools like MONO, but they are not perfect.... lots of things does not work.
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Pratima PharandeCommented:
Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
The security issue is not an issue.

While it is true that Windows gets attacked more, this is the case for standard Windows applications, not .NET.

Windows was developed at a time when security was not an important part of the landscape, and is thus easy to penetrate. Security was important when .NET was developed, and the security layer is at the foundation of the framework. It permeates everything.

Because of that, security patches for .NET have been very uncommon in the 10 years that it has been in use. And there is at my knowledge no report of breeches.

So if you are making a decision on that issue, it is a wrong decision.

The big question is:

Does your company uses mainly Windows? Then use .NET because it is designed first for Windows and will enable you to do a lot of things that are hard if not impossible with J2EE that.

Does your company uses a mix of systems? The use J2EE because it is designed to run anywhere. But you pay for this feature in that you can never exploit a system completely.
.NET is as more powerful as J2EE where you can use Banking project.
J2EE is a platform independent.
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Thank you.
vimalalexAuthor Commented:
Hi mohammad827, JamesBurger,

                              Which will be better J2EE or .Net. Which technology is using more in the Industry and which will be in future.

Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)Connect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
As simple as that is very simple to answer:

J2EE for multiplatform development.

.NET for Windows development.

In the future, who knows.

J2EE will never be as interesting to use for Windows. J2EE is made first for multiplatform. .NET is made first for Windows. That says all.

For multiplatform, one has to wait and see. J2EE still has the advantage right now, but .NET is slowly getting ground through an open source project called MONO. The advantage of .NET in that field is that Microsoft has opened the stuff as well as the C# language. Anybody can create .NET classes and C# compilers. Java is still a proprietary language. This brings a lot of people toward .NET, even if for the moment, J2EE has the edge. The decisions that Microsoft and Oracle will take in the future will determine who is the winner for multiplatform development.
J2EE and .Net both can perform same level of functionality either a banking project or enterprise level application.but there is some difference in which are as follow:
J2EE is paltform independent but .net run only on Microsoft operating system.
.net is a framework which support 40+ language whereas java is a language
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