need gigabit router with multiple url blocking capability

I'm needing a simple gigabit wireless router. I don't need more than 4 lan ports. I prefer wireless N, but would settle for a super G. The main feature I'm looking for though is one with multiple website url blocking. I would like one that will block 50 or more specific url addresses. This doesn't have to be per client. The cisco M20 valet shows that it has parental controls with url blocking, but I can't find any specifications on how many sites I can block. Any suggestions anyone?
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i will go one better...why dont you just filter all your traffic through open dns. It is for free. But if you want to spend some money i can find you no problem like this one:

you can go cheaper down to netgear for £60 which i think is about $90

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Yes, cisco M20 valet  can do your requirements.  you can go for it.  50+ specific  urls   Blocking is definitely possible with M20.
BradleyClevelandAuthor Commented:
I will check into the OpenDns, but the problem is I have to buy a router anyway.
buy a cheap one and go for a full version of opendns, it scans for malware and all
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