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Why does Device Manager show my monitor listed twice?

This is my hobby computer.  I am running Win98 2nd edition. I am trying to get all the bugs out of it and learning along the way.

My monitor is a Princeton EO50.  In Device Manager, the monitor has always been listed twice.  I have tried to delete one or the other (though not lately), and when I reboot, it always comes back saying: New Hardware detected......just a moment as we integrate it into your system (or something to that effect).

Then, I have two EO50's showing up again.  Is this some kind of overlapping problem in the software somewhere?  Please help me to rid myself of one of the monitors that is showing.


PS  I'm glad to see a restructuring of the Ask Question and Zone selection.  Much better than it was.
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1 Solution
have you tried to disable it?
Have you tried uninstalling both instances of the monitor and allowing it to re install?
Maverick2010Author Commented:
Hi and thanks for the replies.

Please tell me how I would go about uninstalling and/or disabling the monitor.

What I did previously was to right click on the monitor under Device Manager/Monitors, then I had 4 options listed.  They were:   Refresh

I would select Remove and one of the listed monitors would disappear.  Then I rebooted the computer and it would be restored through the New Device Found method I mentioned earlier.

Perhaps you can tell me how to uninstall or disable in another way than what I have been doing.


PS     OK, just to try what msprsque74 suggested, I Removed both monitors in the fashion I just described above.  After reboot, the monitor came back twice again.

Please if there is another way to try, I'm all ears!   Thanks.
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i suggest go to properties and do it from there
Maverick2010Author Commented:
I just tried that (if I did it right, that is).   I right clicked on one of the monitors showing under Device Manager/Monitors.....hit Properties.....then I saw two boxes at the bottom under Device usage that say:

Disable in the hardware profile
Exists in all hardware profiles

The second box is always checked in both monitors ('both' ,here, is a figure of speech-there is actually only one monitor but it is being listed twice)

So I checked the first box (to disable one of the monitors) and a red X appears on one of the monitors listed under Device Manager.  

I reboot to see if both listings still appear.  Unfortunately they do, but one has the red X.

I tried disabling  the other monitor and reboot.  Same result-only the other monitor has the red X.

I hesitate to disable both at the same time for fear that I won't have a monitor at all.  If so, would my screen go dark and if so, how would I see to get it back?  So I didn't disable both monitors at the same time.

Nice suggestion but I don't see that it made one or the other monitors go away.  Is there another step I should take after disabling a monitor?


PS  I read somewhere that double listings like I am having could be a sign of a conflict somewhere.  That is why I am wanting this resolved.  In fact, I have other problems/questions with some of my drivers.  But I was going to ask a question about that in another thread-unless you think it might be related to this problem.
Maverick2010Author Commented:
I am doing some online searches for solutions and I came across.......

Could I have a dual monitor system?  Could that be what is causing the problem?  If so, how do I check for a dual monitor system?
I suppose that might be the case. You would have two ports on the back of your board or adapter. Perhaps One vga (blue) and one DVI (white) depending on age or design.
Maverick2010Author Commented:
OK.  Well, I don't have double ports on back of my videos card.  So I guess I don't have dual monitor system.

Now I am reading some things that say this could be related to a driver issue (that if I have the right driver, this monitor issue could clear up on its own).  Do you think we might need to address my driver problems?  

Some things I am reading suggest Nvidia is the problem.  And apparently a lot of people have had this double monitor problem (from the looks of some forums out there).  Some say it is normal for monitors to be listed twice.  I'm not so sure..........

Thanks.  I await any replies.
Try booting into safemode and access your device manager and uninstall both, do you see any devices listed there as "Other"
to see any conflicts in device manager go to View and tick to show hidden devices then check through them all,
 this is windows 98 right will have to stretch my memory here
this is a desktop? which video card?
To check your display setting r/click the desktop then properties  settings>advanced>navigate to your video card and check in there for any settings for clone mode or dual screan is enabled.
Put it to single display.
If you have an nvidia do you see the nvidia control panel in your control panel?
Do you see in the display properties 2 monitors listed below the panel one default monitor on video card name?
Have you added any hardware say for example you had an onboard chip and then added a video card? PCI?
You my have to plug in a different monitor to remove the duplicates.
If it's not causing any issues just leave it as is.
Maverick2010Author Commented:
This is a difficult question, unfortunately.  My video card..........this could be related to my other problem with drivers for my video card.

This is a desktop computer.

Anyway, my graphics card (same as a video card, right?) was (is) called a Standard PCI graphics Adapter (VGA).  But when I found a driver that worked best for it, that name throughout any system info I look at, it is now called CyberBlade XP (69) by Trident.

And indeed, when I look at the: (display setting r/click the desktop then properties  settings>advanced>navigate to your video card)........

alll I see is a Trident page of Saturation   Brightness   Contrast   Hue ( in a HTML-like page look).  I am not sure if I am on the right page when you say video card page, clone mode, or dual screen.

I see no conflicts in Device Manager  (no yellow question marks).

I tried the  Safe Mode technique before and when I rebooted, both monitors came back (Windows Found New Hardware..........wait while wondows install the necessary  'everything').  It, once again, found 2 monitors.

I do not see an Nvidia control panel.

I have done some new hardware......new DVD drive, new fan, extra RAM, and I may add a second hard drive, but that was a while ago (2+ years) and I didn't notice then if I had a 2 monitor problem or not.

AHH!  I just remembered, my first Princeton monitor burned out several years ago  (maybe 5+ years) and I switched to this second Princeton monitor(EO50)  my cousin gave me.  My first monitor wasn't an EO50, however.  I don't recall what it was.  If this could be the problem, then why is it listing it as two EO50's?

I hope this info helps.  I am late for bed and because of my current work schedule, I may be limited to only one reply per day.  I hope to hear from you again.  Thanks.

Please relist any other things you want me to check that I oveerlooked.

Oh yes this brings us closer to your problem>
my graphics card (same as a video card, right?)<< yep
 was (is) called a Standard PCI graphics Adapter (VGA).<< ok
  But when I found a driver that worked best for it, that name throughout any system info I look at, it is now called CyberBlade XP (69) by Trident.<< ok
what you need to do is install your mainboard drivers, do you have a mainboard drivers Disc?
If you go to your device manager then open VIEW and tick to show hidden devices
do you any devices with " OTHER"
What possibly could have happened you installed these new drivers for onboard  brfore uninstalling the original,,and rebooted
and windows decided that these drivers were not right and reinstalled your mainboard silently.
What I need from you is your system specs
Like DEL model name etc
Or if it's a HP or Compaq.
That way I can look up your exact  specs and motherboard drivers.

This driver I believe is not right for your system since you have an adapter that is an onboard chip a video chip on the motherboard.
Sourced for you
The Trident CyberBlade XP (69) is a type of graphics adapter hardware which plugs into an expansion slot on the motherboard of the host computer system.<<< or otherwise known as a PCI Video card this is not an onboard chip or adapter that you have.

Another thing you can test
go to control panel add new hard ware
select Video or multimedia and go next let windows search and see if it comes up with a few devices or several things in this area, if so that's your problem

I am doing this from memory now as I nolonger have any systems here with windows 98
This is what you should be seeing in your display settings but with your video card
Maverick2010Author Commented:

Thanks for the answers.  I'm sorry to have not responded.  I work weekend shift (12 hour) and there is little time for else when I work.  I have also been called to work all upcoming week  for overtime.  I will try to keep in touch.

From your detailed answer, I will need some time to look into your suggestions, but not tonight.  it's late already.  I will have an extra hour per day next week  after work so maybe that will give me the time I need to examine your reply.

Mainboard Drivers disc?  I may have it somewhere.  What would it be labeled as?

Thanks.  I just wanted to let you know that I am still here and will get back to you as soon as I can.
Can't say, buy probably on the top of the disc > SystemBoard < then listings such as the ide drivers vga drivers sound drivers Lan Modem.
An antivirus and a DVD player.  

However  had you posted your manufacture model brand name of this laptop when you came on this time I would have endeavoured to look for them for you.
If you could post those details your Laptop brand name model next time
Take care
Maverick2010Author Commented:

Yes, I think I do remember seeing that disc somewhere.

As to my system specs you need.......If  I run a report from Belarc or Sandra and post it to you, would that suffice?  I really don't know what kind of computer this is.

First of all, it is a desktop that I am running the Win98SE on.  It was my original computer I first got when Win 98 was popular.  It is now the problem computer

The laptop you mention is my current 'good' computer that recently has started acting up. The laptop is the one I am writing to you from while the Win98SE desktop is the 'patient'.

The Win98SE desktop was put together for me by my cousin before I knew anything about computers or became interested in them.  Unfortunately, he did not know everything himself-only how to install all the OS, drivers, passwords, etc. and install it in people's households and get it going.

I knew nothing of this.  We just watched him do it-not understanding what he was doing.  When I asked him these questions you  are asking me several years later (when I became interested) he could not remember much about what he did, where he bought the computer, how he gathered up all the components, or what brand they were.  All I know is that my parents bought this computer and they told him to keep it cheap.  So he bought  cheaper components-some without brand names.

I have posted other help questions about this computer and everyone asks me for the specs.  It took months for instance, for someone to guide me to a name for the motherboard-Chaintech-because there is no name on it anywhere.  Only through a description and my learning how to post screenshot photos (which I need a refresher course on, by he way) and finding a version of SANDRA that worked with Win98 did we finally pin down the motherboard name.

It is a similar story with the other components.  It will take time for me to try and understand how to go about your suggestions-as I don't fully understand what all I am reading from you.

So if am am allowed to post a Belarc report, maybe that will give you some important info?  What I don't like about that idea is that my IP address and so forth will be there for everyone to see.  How else can I find out what you want to know-except to try your suggestions above first.

This may have to wait until next Monday after my work stint is over.  I am feeling exhausted and can't concentrate well.  I need some good sleep.

But I am happy to tell you my story about that desktop computer.  There are so many things I just don't know about it.

I like your idea that I may have loaded drivers over top of original drivers and the computer reloaded the original silently.  I probably did exactly that.  And I like what you have to say about the Cyberblade Adapter.  You have some good theories.

I must get some rest before I can hope to accomplish this task you set before me.  I am looking forward to it but I must have a clear head.

Thanks a lot and I will try and get to it as soon as possible.
Thankyou, lol yes I can imagine this will be a sticky as your system is an older version.
ok just use SIW it should tell you everything from your mainboard up even problem devices
The System Information is divided into few major categories:
 •Software Information: Operating System, Software Licenses (Product Keys / Serial Numbers / CD Key), Installed Software and Hotfixes, Processes, Services, Users, Open Files, System Uptime, Installed Codecs, Passwords Recovery, Server Configuration.
 •Hardware Information: Motherboard, CPU, Sensors, BIOS, chipset, PCI/AGP, USB and ISA/PnP Devices, Memory, Video Card, Monitor, Disk Drives, CD/DVD Devices, SCSI Devices, S.M.A.R.T., Ports, Printers.
You could try system restor if you have enabled and it was not too long ago
"Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Click the "Restore
Maverick2010Author Commented:

I lifted these paragraphs from my other current open question where I am asking:

finding the right driver

There, the person is trying to help me figure out why my graphics card is working with the wrong driver and how to find the right one.  That is the short version.

Anyway, he suggested I try and use SIW to identify my computer specs and this is what it returned:

"I just ran SIW free version and I am sorry to say that just about every value it returned about anything to do with this computer says:   'Unknown'.

At first, the first thing to come up said:  Missing Administrator Privileges.  This program should be run with administrator privileges. This phrase is used in several places.   I have not set this computer up to have an administrator (with two or more people).  I am its' only user.  Does this mean something is wrong with SIW working along with my computer?  Could it be non-Win98SE compatible?  

Some info comes up but the stuff you want to know ( and me as well) says 'unknown'.   Why , do you suppose that SIW isn't working?"

You mention System Restore.  What exactly are you hoping will happen if I use it?

I see your other question now, it may improve things if we all work together

R/click your  My computer and then  properties
hit the print screen key on your keyboard then paste it into paint or word
then upload here
the properties on my Computer should show a  if it's intel or AMD
processor type Brand Name of motherboard
I have also looked through all your previous PAQ questions and one caught my attention
this one, here you mention your original drivers  and also the photos.
refs to>
Firstly, I am not sure how to pull up the graphics card properties in so much detail.  I did find (by going to Control Panel     Display     Settings     Advanced     Adapter) the Adapter and Driver information.  
All it says is: Manufacturer: (Standard Display Types)
Software Version: 4.0  Current Files: vga.drv,*vdd
Looking at your bios shot your desktop the hard drive is connected as a secondary master not primary master
You mention System Restore.  What exactly are you hoping will happen if I use it?
System restore would put your system back to before you installed these video drivers.
After having read your thread in the other question I am somewhat confused as to what you have there now. Whether it was or is an Nvidia external card?
Or just the onboard.
I think this maonboard must be on it's last legs seems very old.
As I said earlier if the secondary monitor gives you no grief and as you have said these drivers work perfectly I'd just leave that second monitor listed in your devices
It may have been created off the nvidia as the secondary display option.
This is  how Nvidia video cards works.
One is for default monitor and the other is for if and when you wanted a secondary monitor.
Your monitor should be listed as plug and play
With my nvidia dual-head card always showed 2 monitors in Display Properties whether they both exist or not
That was on windows xp.
Regards Merete
Maverick2010Author Commented:
OK this is getting ridiculous.  I just posted a giant response and it disappeared as I tried to post it because it said I was not logged in.  How could I even type a response if I wasn't logged in?  That's two night in a row my message has disappeared.  I don't have time to retype it tonight.

Management: Please find a way to keep my messages safe from disruption whether it be from hitting the Back button or Login problems or whatever.  There is nothing more frustrating than this precious time completely lost!

Thank you.
Awe I hate that too, especially if I spent considerbale time typing in stuff, best practise is to copy off the text as you go to a draft email or word doc
 if you have problems with the page turning or refreshing
this can happen if the internet you are on refreshes the page.
Maverick2010Author Commented:
Thanks, I needed to calm down after that.  It does make ones blood pressure boil.

I have less time now until  Sunday night, if I am not totally brain dead exhausted by then, to give a complete response by retyping the entire exchange tonight since I work 12 hour shifts on weekends.

So, I will just highlight one of my topics tonight and try for another tomorrow night.

I wanted to start by asking about the other subject you brought up concerning my hard drive.  If I interpret you correctly, you say I have the hard drive  connected as a secondary master not primary master.

Well, I don't fully understand this.  I thought that I have only one hard drive and that it was connected as the:   Detecting IDE Primary Master......Quantum Fireball  EX6.4 A.

Are you looking at the line:  Detecting IDE Secondary Master........FX3400S?

What is this FX3400S anyway?

I have no idea what this FX3400S is nor do I understand about Secondary Masters. All I know of Secondary hard drives is if you have two hard drives installed and I only have one-to the best of my knowledge.  All I see is one installed.  It  does have the writing on it as the Quantum Fireball unit and I presume it is my Primary hard drive as the screen indicates.

Since you noticed this about my hard drive, are you thinking it is connected incorrectly or could be causing me problems of some sort?

Thanks, I will try to make another response tomorrow.
yes I was, I'm tired too I guess my mistake.
refs to>
Detecting IDE Primary Master......Quantum Fireball  EX6.4 A.

Are you looking at the line:  Detecting IDE Secondary Master........FX3400S?,
refs to
What is this FX3400S anyway? well it's an ide probably an nvidia card FX3400S, interesting that it detects it as a secondary master, I'll take a look at your screnshots of your motherboard
That would explain your 2 monitors absolutely, your video card support dual modes, you should two monitor sockets at the rear of your tower.
nvidia FX3400S video card
Also an Audio card  and a network card
to update your driver go to nvidia and ask it to scan your computer and recomend the drivers
Option 2: Automatically find drivers for my NVIDIA products.  
To install these you will need to download first save them reboot into safemode and uninstall the current drivers and monitors in display then reboot  dont let windows find new hardware  if it does just close that out
manually go to control panel add new hard ware select dis-play drivers navigate to your nvidia and install them.
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400 Video Card Driver
If possible move your network card down one slot to allow more airflow for the nvidia
see that element its very close to the network card
if you dont need that network card just take it out
Maverick2010Author Commented:
Hi again,

I had three topics on the big response I tried to post when I lost all my info that bad night.  Last night, I posted one.  Tonight, I'll post the second.  Tomorrow night should be better as I'll be done with work for a few days.

You mention right click   My Computer and then  Properties  (on the desktop, right?).  I did that and here's what I got.

System:     Microsoft Windows 98
                  Second Edition
                  4.10.2222 A

Registered to:      my name

Computer:     128.0MB RAM

That's it.  There is no mention of a computer brand name or motherboard name.  Unless those numbers mean something to you.


PS   I briefly looked at your response tonight and I am fascinated how you superimpose your black arrows and white lettering onto the photo.  You must tell me how to do that someday!

I am tired too but from the looks of your last reply, it looks like you might have solved some identity problems.  I will take a closer look at your response tomorrow night or Monday.  Thanks again.
I dont need to know what your motherboard is or the brand name of your PC Maverick2010
your video is as an Nvidia, seeing those two monitors is normal.
So as far as I am concerned that is not a problem.
If you would  like to install the right drivers please feel free to use the Nvidia site or the other download link.
To superimpose those arrows and text on your image I use Paintshop pro 7
I add in your image and then go to add preset shape choose an arrow and drag it to the point I want to illistrate the point once done I then go to add Text and a text box appears where I click my mouse I add in the text font colour etc and then save the image with the new inserts and text.
Maverick2010Author Commented:
Thanks.  I will get to that Monday, with all luck.  My overtime work may be over for now, but I am sooo tired and my boss just let us know minutes before quitting time that there may be more overtime coming after all.  Time will tell.  So with that in mind, I am going to have a busy Monday rather than a relaxing one as I need to get sooo many things done including this.  See you then.
Maverick2010Author Commented:

I don't have two monitor sockets on the back of the card-only one.

I went to the Nvidia site and tried to let them scan the desktop Win98SE computer for drivers.  After a few seconds, a message pops up.  But the message doesn't stay onscreen but for about one second before it disappears and the scan won't complete.  My scan info is blank.

As best I can tell, the message says something about pop-up blocker.........and other things and then a second smaller grey box pops up immediately saying something about Security Certificate..........and then disappears also after one second.

I can't find the Nvidia card with the 'S' on the end of it.   [FX3400S]  So that concerns me that this might not be the absolutely correct driver.  But will it work anyway, I wonder?  Also, my card doesn't look anything like the Quadro card or the card in the other link you provided (http://www.ehow.com/how_6837194_instructions-fx-3400-graphics-card.html)  and it says the Quadro card was manufactured in 2004.  My computer predates that.  However the link I just re-listed here that you provided, does show a card photo that looks similar to mine.  But my card is much simpler-not so many chips on it.

You may be right in that this is the Nvidia card and an Nvidia driver will work.  But which driver?

Let me tell you exactly what is on my video card:   3DForce   G-16                       82117B/V3      CE
                                                                                   S/N: A046020585T

                                                                                    S.F.N                                     94V-0

                                                                                    JTMNC                                   82117
                                                                                    a checkmarkN1058

That's it.  No brand name unfortunately nor any FX3400S anywhere.

This info above is the last part of what I wanted to send you the night all my info disappeared.

Anyway, should I proceed with the Quadro FX3400 driver?  Or try to find a better match?  By the way, can you trace a driver from the Serial Number?

To install it, I should follow these instructions from you:  To install these you will need to download first save them reboot into safe mode and uninstall the current drivers and monitors in display then reboot  don't let windows find new hardware  if it does just close that out  

 manually go to control panel add new hard ware select dis-play drivers navigate to your Nvidia and install them.

I hate to be picky but I am still in the dark somewhat about why the Nvidia site wouldn't scan my computer or what to do next.  I apologize but I'm afraid of messing something up.  Please advise me on how to proceed.

Maverick2010 let me breath some relief into your concerns,
We have simply confirmed why you have 2 monitors in your display devices, one represents default  monitor and the other plug and play.
One represents for TV or a secondary monitor and the other your current Plug and Play desktop screen monitor.
The current drivers you have said work flawlessly so dont change them.
If you have no others concerns and the windows 98 runs ok then it's a go.
My concerns was the bios boot screen detecteding Secondary Ide Master FX3400S
This is some type of Board
the reference I found using your model numbers is it's a  3DForce   G-16 Trident Blade T-16 /T-64 1997, based on that the current drivers you have are infact correct.

with optional TV out using the S_video or rca composites.
3DForce G-16/G-32/TV/XP (Trident Video Blade-XP/T64) 5.0.2195.140 (Windows)

The PDF user manual doesnt work but the text version does here is the FULL  SPECIFICATIONS USER GUIDE of your video board 3D Gforce Board FX 3400 S including installation and display settings  covers everything.
Page 17 lists the driver for this card  for the TV aspect as G-16/G-32/TV/XP(Trident Video BladeXP/T64
Please do read the entire DOC


Maverick2010Author Commented:
Once more my big message got erased when I hit the Accept Solution button.  I really think Management needs to correct this problem.

I won't spell it all out again.  Just say that I am still confused as to why SIW, SANDRA, and Belarc didn't give us any specs on this computer and in the end we had to use old fashioned detective work in order to find the specs.

I would like to thank you so much for all of your help in solving this problem and by default, solving the "two monitors" problem as well.  I should check my other thread on that and close it out along with this one and award points and mark as Solved.

Thanks once again.  You were very patient with me and found the solution for me.
Maverick2010Author Commented:
I am most grateful for all of the help Merete gave me.  He hung in there with me throughout all this detective work in pinning down the identity problem(s) and providing ideas and support for my confusion at times.
Thank you Maverick2010,
 I'm a she :)
When the page refreshes has to be in your end as I dont experience that here.
Could be a settings in your internet or modem DSL router?
Are you on dial up or DSL?
Maverick2010Author Commented:

Sorry for the gender misunderstanding and in getting back to you.  I have been away for a few days.

I have DSL  Are you referring to my message erasing problem or the problem of why SANDRA, Belarc and SIW don't work on my Win98SE computer?  

You say you don't have that problem here.  Is that a reference to your computer or your geographic location or your internet provider?

I was referring to your internet page seems to refresh when typing into the comments box here at EE
and I dont get that here on this system.
You mentioned it may be a fault with EE and since I type into many many comments boxes and don't experince any page refresh.
It cant be an issue with EE but rather your DSL modem or your internet
ensure the lan settings in internet explorer  tools   internet options connections is set to auto obtain DNS too
cache maybe full
You might try to clear your temporary Internet files, and see if that makes any difference.
I have mine set to automatically delete history when I close it.
It could be a line drop and the page refreshes.
try another computer if the comp works correctly then its your pc , if its does the same then its ether the modem or a line setup issue.
Anyway I have to go
take Care

Maverick2010Author Commented:
Thanks.  It could be the things you say but I tend to think it's more my clumsiness than anything that I hit the Back button before thinking.

Therefore when I do that clumsy thing, I just wish my discussion would not erase.  Some website Contact Us sections (or emails) don't erase a discussion when I do that and some do.  Thereby it makes me think that there maybe is a way in the programming or something that can be set to not let that happen on a webpage or site.

I don't know.  Thanks.
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