outlook / exchange calendar, when invites get accepted replies go back to a group?

ok this affects only one user in the organisation, the others are fine and work perfectly with single replies

if i setup an event and ask staff to join via invitations, the single person i request gets the email and when they accept - the main company list (all staff) gets a copy as well as myself, all staff have the mailing list as its the general one.

so basically i get the direct reply in inbox as well as a duplicate sent to the entire company

this happens via both OWA and outlook - so im putting it down to a permission somewhere, but ant find it. there is no 'delivey options' set for this user in ADUC

SBS 2003 / outlooks 2007 / owa

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Brian BConnect With a Mentor EE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
I did have this happen once before and we found it was caused by someone else who had permission to the problem user's mailbox. You might check for that as well.

In the end we couldn't get rid of the problem and had to delete the user's account and recreate it.
Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology ProfessionalCommented:
Have you checked their settings to make sure they don't have any delegates set up by accident?
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
Could this be the reason ?
 Invitation Reply
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VoneServsAuthor Commented:
where am i looking for that -

under ADUC, exchange general / delivery options there is nothing set (i thought about that)
VoneServsAuthor Commented:
mody2579:   i get the same through OWA though - but will check that setting
VoneServsAuthor Commented:
thats what im afraid of, will check for other perms on the account
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