Linksys Wireless B BEFW11S4 router-need to replace

we have a home router I would like to replace, as it is constantly in need of reset. By reset I mean devices can't find it so I go unplug it's power cord and replug and that resets whatever is messing up and all devices can find it again. This lasts a day or two and then it has to be reset again.  I think I want to just replace it. What is a good one to use for iPhones to connect and also a couple of personal home computers?  A wireless router that is user friendly and one that will not need to be constantly reset.
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out any of these.  I was using linksys for the logest tie, and have found that the netgears have come a along way.
rodynetworkAuthor Commented:
Hey Zombie,

I think something is missing. Did you have a link or a list for me to review?
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