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New to SEO - Best way to submit to search engines

Posted on 2011-09-12
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Hi guys.

I have optimized my sites by ensuring I have used my keywords or phrases within the META title, keywords, description and within the body tag. I have tried to ensure keywords appear within the first and last paragraphs.

I need some advice on how best to submit the site to Google et al.

There are a plethora of agencies all claiming to be the ones to use. What is an expert’s opinion on how to ensure listing within the major search engines?

I have been designing and developing websites for years, its all I do. However,  I have only recently been introduced to the concepts of SEO techniques. Any advice is much appreciated

Kind regards

Abiel M de Groot sanders
Question by:Abiel de Groot
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Expert Comment

by:Matthew Nguyen
ID: 36523419
Are you asking the best way to get your content indexed by Google?

To submit your site to Google and Bing you can do that by going to the following URLs:



If you are wanting your content crawled and indexed by search engines, there is a little bit of strategy involved in doing so.

The first step is getting crawled quickly by search engines.  With the billions of pages on the world wide web, it could take weeks before your content is crawled.  One of the things that can help facilitate this is to get backlinks on sites are already being crawled by the search engines.  This can be done by Guest posting, asking for links, developing a link bait strategy, etc.  Search engine bots already crawling a site would natural find your site and start crawling it if it finds a link to your site on the site that it is crawling.  

The other important thing to consider in indexing is to make sure that your site architecture and internal linking strategy is set up in such a way that all the content you have can be found and indexed.  Here is a question that was asked on here about internal linking strategy that will hopefully help you:

Let me know if you have any other questions.
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Expert Comment

by:Tony McCreath
ID: 36546766
I agree with @mattdnguyen

You don't need to submit your site to a search engine and in most cases this has no effect. It's those links you get from other websites that make you part of the internet, where the search engines will find you.

If any agency charges for "submitting to search engines" or even mentions it, run away.

Another important factor in showing up in search engines is that you have good, unique content that matches up with what people are seeking.

Author Comment

by:Abiel de Groot
ID: 36547509

Hi guys,

Many thanks. I see a lot of SEO companies out there who seem to be relatively successful. What are they doing? If they are creating back links, is this something I could also do. I have a number of web sites which I own and access to many more which I design and developed. How many back links are we talking about to be effective.

My first real effort at SEO was with this site This site has been optimised for the key frase "academia ingles bilbao" as the client thinks this is the term most potential clients will enter in Google. This client is in Spain where 95% use Google.

I have google web master tools ( inc google analytics set up on each site) which lets me see a variety of data such which is most usefull.

I have also used as a tester. This is optimised for "acondicionado bilbao".

I have a little tool from called Free monitor for Goolge. This tells me the actual position and weather the site is falling or rising. The first site is today at position 10 and the second ( is at 33.

I really appreciate your advice guys, the internet is too full of poor quality advice compromised by self interest. It is good the get an objective perspective from real experts.

Kind regards

Abiel M de Groot Sanders
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Author Comment

by:Abiel de Groot
ID: 36547516
Sorry that first site sould be  (Not .com) which is a sister site. It is not currently being tested on my SEO projects. Once I get it right I will roll out the working method on all my client sites.

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Accepted Solution

Tony McCreath earned 1000 total points
ID: 36549436
There is a lot to learn. I'm still doing it,

My first advice is that if you think the advice your reading is dodgy or trying to game Google, then only use it if you can cope with your website or business being completely removed from Google. i.e. I recommend only doing things to work with the search engines.

So hunt out link building techniques and chose the ones that suit your situation and that you feel are not super dodgy. Also avoid any offers of 1,000s of links. Look for quality over quantity with links as only good ones will help you rank.

Don't guess at the keywords. Use something like Google's Keyword Tool to give you an idea of which keywords are popular.

Also think about user experience. Is the entry Google uses for you in search results enticing people to click (hint: title tag, meta description). When they do visit, do they get what they were looking for? I've seen lots of sites that are so optimised and keyword stuffed that the visitor gets smacked in the face with gibberish when they visit. It's a waste of time getting visitors if all they do is leave, and that in itself is a signal to Google that your website is of poor quality.

And keep reading. The more you do the more you can work out whats good and whats bad. Check the age of what you read. Advice from 2008 will most probably be wrong!

Assisted Solution

by:Matthew Nguyen
Matthew Nguyen earned 1000 total points
ID: 36549984

Tiggerito is absolutely right, SEO is one of those things that is an ongoing process (learning and implementing on your websites).  Google is always changing their algorithm, so learning and staying up to date on changes are always going to be a part of the process.

To answer your question, anything that an agency does, you can do also, you essentially paying them for their knowledge and expertise.  I also agree with Tiggerito in that always rely on your research and data in determining how to do SEO, especially do keyword research.  The Google Keyword Tool is going to give a rough estimate of monthly search volume for a specific search term.  If a client ranks #1 for keywords that do not get any traffic, then I feel that is wasted effort.  Ultimately, SEO is geared around driving more targeted traffic in order in convert.

What I would recommend doing is learning as much as you can and testing different strategies.  Here are a few resources you can read up on to get some ideas:

- Beginner's Guide to SEO
- Scalable Linkbuilding
- Best Tips for Link Builders

Two of those links go to SEOmoz, that is a good company to look at when trying to learn.  The blog posts from the company their community are a great way to learn, get new ideas and test on your website.  Remember SEO is not a task, it's a process, good luck!

Author Comment

by:Abiel de Groot
ID: 36550048
Many thanks guys. Great stuff from both of you guys.


Abiel M de Groot Sanders

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