add "email website" link to webpage

Greetings EE community.  I have a webpage that I would like to add a link to that would allow the reader to email the URL of my page to their friend.  I see this option just about everywhere else but am nowhere near able to program this myself (even if it is simple).  Please let me know what I need to do preferably in html.  Thanks in advance.
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jtwcsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have a look at these links.  Lots of websites use them and you can easily integrate the code directly into your page or blog.
samiam41Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion and link.  When I enter in an email address, it opens outlook on my pc.  Is there a way to just send it from the website without using a client?
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the only way to do that would be to implement sendmail function using PHP.
Andrew DerseIT ManagerCommented:
Yes, in order to do that you need to implement a web mailing function using php...a lot more trickier to develop.

Are you custom coding a site or is it built on a platform?  We might be able to suggest a good mailer program that can integrate with your site...
samiam41Author Commented:
Thanks guys.  I will test this when I get home this evening.
samiam41Author Commented:
Thanks everyone for your help and time with this.  I ended up going with as it was quick to code and implement.  In any event, I hope to work with all of you again soon.

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