Allow guest access on branch VPN?

Hello Experts,

We are currently setting up a branch VPN using the following hardware:

SonicWALL NSA 240 @ Main Site
SonicWALL TZ 100 @ Branch Site

The Branch site is only going to be used to replicate our incremental backups after an initial full backup is taken onsite.  However, the "Branch Office" is going to be at our President's home.  In this scenario, what is the best way to secure the "Branch Office" against home internet traffic?  I've already seen his children infect several PCs with all kinds of Malware.  I don't want to take that chance with our corporate network.  The original plan was to get a seperate internet connection all together.  Is that absolutely necessary?
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What hosts will need to be accessed over the VPN? If it's just the President's workstation as he access it via RDP, then you'd only need to allow that IP address and port over the VPN.
2_under_parAuthor Commented:
Only the President's PC and a NAS Device will need access to the VPN.
Aside from the fact that since the branch office is "untrusted" and therefore you can't really trust anything coming out of the environment, you could make it slightly more difficult for traffic to enter your main office "accidentally".  You should be able to configre the sonicwall(s) to allow traffic from only one or more IP addresses in the brach office to reach the main office.  You could also put a separate hub/switch/access point in the branch office and run a separate network, and plug that separate network into the sonicwall.

A second internet connection should not be required.

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So, from president's home his workstation and a NAS, right? What about access from the other direction?
2_under_parAuthor Commented:
So, from president's home his workstation and a NAS, right? What about access from the other direction?

Only His workstation needs full access to our main network @ Branch.  

Then, since we're replicating existing backups to the NAS @ the Branch Office, we simply need to copy backups from one NAS @ the main office to a 2nd NAS @ Branch Office.  

Question...  If setting up a second network that plugs into the SonicWall @ Branch, as tjs suggested, would setting that as the exact same subnet as the one at the MAIN office restrict traffic?  
Main Office subnet =
Branch Office subnet =
President's personal router @ Branch =
What will restrict traffic are firewall rules. I'd not recommend configuring the subnets the same. This will be a nightmare to configure over the VPN. If the traffic is trusted and goes through the sonicwall, then there will be no restrictions. The more complex you setup the networks, the harder it will be to control the traffic. I'd still recommend setting up firewall rules restricting what hosts were allowed to talk to each other over the VPN.
2_under_parAuthor Commented:
SonicWall was extremely helpful when trying to accomplish this.  We wound up placing the President's home wireless router in a DMZ.  All traffic was then seperate.  I wish I could provide more details, but it took about 3 hours for them to finally get it working.  My attention was a bit strained at that point.  
2_under_parAuthor Commented:
Answered the question that the 2nd Internet Connection is not necessary.
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