Multiple SSL Sites on IIS7

I have a VPS with multiple websites set up on it on 1 ip address.
I have now got 2 sites which I need SSL for.
What sort of certificate do I need for this?  Is it a Unified Communications Certificate?
How can I set up multiples sites for this?

Can the same be tested on a local server?  
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ActiveDirectorymanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

yes,  UC/SAN will work with the same ip address. you can add multiple domains to the same certificate.  for example:  one.local,, etc


you can use either a wildcard or UCC (SAN) certificate.  I would use a SAN certificate.  you would need two because you can only associate a certificate to one site.
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harris9999Author Commented:
But will this work with my configuration, 1 certificate to 1 site, does each certificate not require a single IP Address?
Sanjay SantokiCommented:

By design website running SSL certificate required dedicated IP address.

Sanjay Santoki
Byte Technosys

You are correct my mistake.  You can use a wildcard certificate for your configuration.

are all of the sites sharing the same domain ?    for example:,, etc.

if so, you could actually use a wildcare certificate as long as each ssl site is using the same domain.  for example:  *

check this out:

Multiple SSL sites on a single IIS server

binding multiple domains to a wildcard ssl certificate on a single IP address

harris9999Author Commented:
No the domain names are going to be completely seperate.  
It is a Virtual Private Server which I use to host some clients websites.
Will a SAN/UC Certificate work for this? The different sites will be unrelated.  
But all hosted on my VPS with 1 IP Address.

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