increasing performance of IPSEC L2L vpn

I have a remote site in the UK that is getting slow speeds through our L2L IPSEC VPN. We have a 50 mb/50mb connection here (in NY) and they have a 10mb/8mb connection on their end.

However with testing, the highest connection speeds that I am seeing are about 1.5 mb/s. Are there any settings that I can change to speed things up?

Currently my interfaces have a 1500 MTU. Is there are way to lower VPN traffic to a MSS of 1420, so large packets wont be split into two packets?
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ryan80Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Yes, all the traffic goes through one router


The ping time is 105 on average.
ryan80Author Commented:
Forgot to mention that it is between 2 ASA 5510's
is all your internet traffic going through 1 site/router ?
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

It seems there is delay problem, how many is the average ping time between two ASA endpoints?

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ryan80Author Commented:
no answer
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