Outlook 2007 can not connect to exchange server 2007

On one workstation I can not connect outlook with exchange server if I am connected with WLAN or LAN. If I connect over VPN everything is OK. I can ping server over IP and NETBIOS
I installed all updates for Outlook. I made new outlook profile. Only on this one PC in the network I can not connect. Error is "Can not find the server". I tried to write IP and server name.
I added IP in the hosts file. Over \\server I can without any problems connect to the server shares.
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Chris PattersonConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EngineerCommented:
Can you telnet from the workstation to the exchange server over port 25?
Chris PattersonSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
Is the firewall turned on, on the workstation? If so turn it off and see if that fixes the issue.
nera2001Author Commented:
Still the same
nera2001Author Commented:
I have 64 bit telnet on the server and on the ws is telnet not present. I need version working on Vista 32 bit.
nera2001Author Commented:
So, yes I can. Telnet is working without problems from WS to server.
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