Is there a way to add a user to a local group in Windows with a Group Policy?

Or, would that require a script? Any place where I might find a sample script?
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-tjsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the group membership is something that is known and should always be the same, you could use something called "Restricted Groups".  Group Policy essentially forces a group to have the members you want (and only the members you want).
Joseph DalyCommented:
Yes this can be done by either a script using the net use command.

You could also do this by using a GPO and restricted groups mentioned above.

The way that I would reccomend doing this would be to use group policy preferences if you have a windows 7 machine that you can build the GPP on.

See the section for "Setting local Administrator Passwords /Administering local users and groups". This is much easier than using restricted groups in a GPO.
brownkm82Author Commented:
That's the ticket. It even allows a policy which forces domain group within local group.

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