Lost Sent Items Folder

I have an end user having an issue with the sent items folder that is missing in outlook (its not there in OWA either).  However if i create a new profile, when it updates the offline folders it does the "updating sent items folder" and if i send an email and search for it, I can see the emails but not the Sent Items folder.  Client is using Outlook 2010 for Exchange '07.  We tried running outlook with "outlook.exe /resetfoldernames", however, the folder is missing.  The client has Outlook configured on 3 machines and it's not visible on any of them.

Any ideas?
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Jon BrelieConnect With a Mentor System ArchitectCommented:
outlook.exe /resetfolders
abpExpertAuthor Commented:
@enphyniti Tried that already as well as /cleanprofile and other switches from microsofts site.
d_nedelchevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem may be server-side... is your mail beign delivered by a local server?
abpExpertAuthor Commented:
Yes, he's attaching to his company's Exchange '07 server.
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