Print spooler and Server properties not working

I've plagiarized the problem description from a fellow from another forums. I've tried everything he has and couldnt find a working solution so far.


My printer worked for 5 months on XP, but now it doesn't.
All the printers in Printers and Faxes disappeared, and
the Add a Printer wizard fails. I've done my homework on
the archives, Cori Bright's site, and Bruce Sanderson's
site. But I'm still hitting a wall:

I can go to Services and make sure the print spooler and
RPC toggles are set to automatic and are running. But
when I try to use a wizard, the spooler stops. So, using
Mr. Sanderson's advice to clean old drivers and start
over by clicking on File | Server Properties, I get the
error message "Server properties cannot be viewed. Print
Spooler is not running."


Event log shows that after I start the spooler, it talks to something I guess cuz a bunch of errors, one for each printer drivers appear as errors, and says the same,along these lines
"Printer warehouse failed to initialize because a suitable hp LaserJet 1320 PCL 5e driver could not be found."

Printer Microsoft XPS Document Writer failed to initialize because a suitable Microsoft XPS Document Writer driver could not be found.

Printer KBIZHUB 423 OFFICE FAX failed to initialize because a suitable KONICA MINOLTA 423SeriesFAX driver could not be found.

Any helps regarding this asap, will be appreciated. This machine is used for print jobs a lot and the person who uses it is without a proper machine untill the problem is fixed!
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jimbecherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Googling that error about "a suitable..." about the only thing that shows up several, several times are references to be ing infected by a virus. Do you have good, updated virus software on that computer?
  I had a similar problem not long ago (with another HP. Imaging that!) and it turned out to be a problem with one of the monitoring ports HP installed.


Try cleaning the HP printer monitors out of the registry
additionally, make sure that RPC Locator service is also running.
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m2chaudhAuthor Commented:
There are no monitors there for HP or any other printer.
I also ran cleanspl.exe to clean and bring back spooler to default so to say. No success so far, any more suggestions?
m2chaudhAuthor Commented:
RPC Locator service is running.
m2chaudhAuthor Commented:
You're right, that could be the cause. My browser is goign to weird search websites everytime I google something on that machine. I installed Mbyets and ran it, and it got close by itself, going to try to run it in safe-mode. If you have something better to recommend,pleae let me know.
  Malwarebytes is x-l-ant but for computers that are already heavily infected I like combofix. Boot in to safe mode with networking and hit it will take you a little fumbling around and a couple different pages but what up want to ultimately download is combofix.exe

   Save it somewhere on your hard drive and run it. Let it install the Microsoft Recovery console when it ask. I LOVE Malwarebyres but LOVE combofix even more :)
If you have an infection, it will most likely stop any a/v you try to run. Download malwarebytes again, giving it a different name when saving it. Then try running it.

Also, open regedit and look here:

HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image
File Execution Options

If you see a whole bunch of entries in this key, you have an infection for sure. Delete everything within this key if you are unable to run any a/v programs. The entries in here map the executables to something else like svchost. Malwarebytes will automatically remove all the entries if you get it to run. You cna actually save malwarebytes as explorer.exe to your desktop and then run that.
m2chaudhAuthor Commented:
Thanks, it was a virus, it seemed to have wiped all the drivers and made changes to registry. I ran Malware bytes and that took care of fixing all the issues. I'm now able to add printers and drivers.
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