powershell script to export mailbox user attribute to a csv file

Hello Experts,

I need a script to export export mailbox user attribute to a csv file.

i have Exchange2007 SP3.

I need to export from 2 specific OU this attributesfor all users :

Firstname, lastname, Alias.

thanks for your help.

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Joseph DalyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could do something like

get-qaduser -searchroot {DN of OU} | select-object firstname,lastname,email

If by alias you mean the email address. If not then tell me what you mean by alias and i can modify the query.
Joseph DalyCommented:
What do you mean by alias?
cawasakiAuthor Commented:

alias i s an exchange attribute.

and i need powershell command without quest command.

cawasakiAuthor Commented:
any help plz?
cawasakiAuthor Commented:
ok i accept your solution, the alias attribute is simple to get, only need to call alias :)
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