how to centre Js script on my website

I have the following code using lightbox.

<script src="" type="text/javascript">
<div style="text-align: center">


<div id="examples">
<input class="tu_iframe_800x2000" href="" type="button" value="Amazon Store Click Here" /></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
        "#examples a": {
          effect: "clip"
        "#examples input": {
          shaded: 1, effect: "fade", overlayClose: 1

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I would like to know how to get this to open on the centre of my website. Because currently it opening far right. I have tried adding a "align =centre" but doesnt seem to work.

If some has a better suggection for a java lightbox script let me know.

My website i am using this on is

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leakim971Connect With a Mentor PluritechnicianCommented:
The size of your iframe is 800 x 957
So replace :  <input class="tu_iframe_800x2000" href="" type="button" value="Amazon Store Click Here" />
by : <input class="tu_iframe_800x957" href="" type="button" value="Amazon Store Click Here" />

If you want to look to other easy to use lightboxes, check the following links :
kepnersAuthor Commented:
hi ya,

thank you for the reply. That only made the lightbox smaller.

When i open the lightbox. Sometimes it openes it square on with the store showing then closes, then flicks it all the way to the top left and shows a black window. other times it pull it to the left and it black a black window. USed in IE8

in Firefox it opens all the way to the right - but everything else is ok.

Now, interestingly, i have the same coding on my other site and it works perefectly. I have a feeling its to do with the layout of my site - but whats from i dont know. I am sure that i tried changing the layout on and it didnt work properly then.

Any further thoughts.
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kepnersAuthor Commented:
thank you Leakim971 but that reply doesnt help me as i am not good enough at coding to be able to go though all of that. Plus its basically a template. so any error as such are not of my making. I am looking for help help sorting the coding out. thank you for the imput though.
ok, I will try to debug it, just replace top_up-min.js by top_up.js (download the file if you don't have it and put it on your site in the same folder)
kepnersAuthor Commented:
Hi leakin971. I'll try that when I get to work. I have te same site at And it doesn't seem to have the same issues. There is only minor difference like a different background photo and some advertising widgets. Do you think it could be my custom background on screwing it up? Or one of the widgets? Or should none of these factors matter and it's something else?

Going back to the different script I'll mail you again when I have done it. Cheers for your help

If the box is not centered it's because the code get the wrong width, it don't get the right one, so it do some centering with a wrong width, a lower width, the box go to the right
kepnersAuthor Commented:
hi Leakim971.

That made no difference. Is there a progam that show you what driving this? or something to make it jump far right or absolut right. Maybe there is a way to put a code to make this jump to centre because align-centre isnt working

kepnersConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have worked it out!!! it the was outside element of the POLL that was screwing it up. I went through ever element testing them between the real site and a test site. The poll screw it up. i have removed it and BOOM it works normally thank you for your help my friend.
kepnersAuthor Commented:
I solve it myself. Brilliant thou
you're the best ;)) !!!
kepnersAuthor Commented:
I know, you get all the points and i solved it. i dont care you made me think about it etc. Plus this place is really good - shame you dont have a BLOGGER tag anymore. anyway! cheers my friend.
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