Can't adjust picture size to fit monitor

I have a Samsung P2770HD monitor - at the only screen resolution that looks decent (the recommended screen resolution of 1920 X 1080) the picture (no matter the source - any application window, as well as the Windows Desktop) is about .5" too high, so either the program's title bar, or the status bar at the bottom (or the Windows task bar), or both, are not visible. As a practical matter this means that I can only close maximized applications via task manager, because their close buttons are off the screen. I called Samsung tech support but they were of no help at all. On the old CRT monitors there was a picture size setting that allowed you to control the raster height, but there doesn't seem to be a comparable capability for LCD screens. Frequently, but not always, the windows task bar becomes invisible leaving no way to access any of the Start button functions. Is there a solution to this?
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dgmoore1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I learned from Dell that the integrated display adapter is inadequate for 1920 X 1080, and I need to purchase an external card that supports higher resolution.
Look in  the video card display settings
which windows do you have and what video card

If the video card is an Nvidia use the  Nvidia control panel
But really I need to know what you have there it's too difficult to give you accurate assistance,
 I'm on windows 7 x 32  prof
To change the screen resolution you also need to consider the font sizes and display size being used.
Some settings cannot be changed unless the Monitor supports it or it's enabled via the bios

Oh btw
 just to add I have a Samsung syncmaster
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dgmoore1Author Commented:
The computer is a Dell Insprion 620 with Win 7 Home Premium SP1. The display adapter is Intel(R) HD Graphics family with Driver Version dated 3/5/2011.
I bellieve your problem is the orientation
R/click your desktop then display change your orientation
 my Samsung Syncmaster  P2350 currently  1920 x 1080 orientation Landscape

Have you been through these
Getting the most out of your LCD
Set Your Resolution In Windows 7
How To Set Your Monitor To The Native Resolution In Windows
Set Your Refresh Rate In Windows 7
This my monitor setup

dgmoore1Author Commented:
I am also set to 1920X1080 landscape. I went into advanced settings in the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel and customized the aspect ratio, reducing horizonal and vertical to 90%. This leaves a 1/8" black margin around the picture on the screen, but the problem remains the same - the top/bottom of maximized windows are cut off. It appears that the output video overflows the picture area on the screen for some reason. With most applications I can size the window so that it fits correctly rather than maximize it, but I have a couple of apps that only run maximized and I can't see their title bar so I can't close or minimize them. Sometimes, but not always, I can't see the Windows task bar so I can't access the Start menu (sometimes enough of the task bar shows that I can click and drag it up, basically doubling its height, but sometimes the task bar is completely hidden).
Windows 7 remembers your use of it's folders, docs etc
say for eg you open my documents and clicking the square in the center this makes it full screen,
lets say you had a disply size smaller than current
noe say you clode this my documents and change the display size, what happens next is windows remembers your previous size
what I'd like yo ask you to try now is open your my documents and drag in the corners until it fits snugly on the desktop centered, make it smaller, I actually hardly ever use the ful screen since my screen is pretty big I simply adjusted the size of my web pages and foldes to sit in the center, once your happy with this size close your my documents and then re-open it, now windows should have remembered this wscreen size and the my documents should open to yuur previos size you just set
same applies with my computer. control panel  etc
dgmoore1Author Commented:
Information from Dell solved the problem
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