Problem installing additional drivers for GP deployed printer...

I am trying to install an x86 print driver for a Ricoh Aficio MP 2550 on my Windows Server 2008 R2 print server.  I already installed the printer on the server and deployed it using GP.  The print driver is universal and should work on all Windows OSs, XP through 7.  I have verified that it is working on both a 32 and 64-bit Windows 7 machine, but so far I have not gotten this working on XP x86.  The fact that this was working on the Windows 7 x86 machine made me think I wasn't going to need the x86 driver, but considering its XP, I might.  The x86 and x64 INF files are held in the same location on the print server, but when I tried to add the additional driver, I get an error stating "The selected driver must be installed remotely from an x86 computer using Type 3 (User mode) drivers.".  I then copied the driver files to a remote XP x86 PC and tried to install from there, but received the same error.  After some initial problems, I found that deploying printers through GP inherently only works on Windows 7 and Server 2008.  Then I found the pushprinterconnections.exe file and added that to the startup script to get XP to recognize the added printer.  So, the printer shows up on my XP machines, but when I try to open up Properties, I get a message stating "Printer properties cannot be displayed.  Windows cannot locate a suitable printer driver.  Contact your administrator for help locating and installing a suitable driver.".  I know there is a lot of information to digest here, but can someone help me out with this?
Dustin23IT DirectorAsked:
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When you go to the printer sharing tab -> Additional Drivers, look at the Information under the Type column, is the x86 checkbox, what does it say and is it checked?
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
You may need to connect to the server using Server Manager on a 32 Bit computer or try using the PRNDRVR.VBS script that is included with the server.

Try the 32 bit method first.

So from what I am able to find; if you are using PCL6 drivers for these client machines;

You should be installing r33209en for x86 clients and
r33196 for x64 (The link is the same to the drivers for both Windows 7 and XP)
Please ensure you are trying to install the same version (these are both ver and the same architecture)

Here is the link below: 
(Win7 x86)
(Win7 x64)

At this point, I would recommend extracting them both to appropriate folders (e.g. Print Drivers/Ricoh/MP 2550/x86 (and also an x64 folder)

I would give that a try, then move the server driver to the new one (if not what you are currently using, then add the other driver through Server Properties. Once you have the right versions and they are the same, it should allow you to go ahead and import it. It also may be beneficial to have the appropriate OS disc to install the ntprint.dll if it's required.

Good luck and let me know how you fare...

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Also, prior to changing drivers, try to note what trays, finishers etc., that are installed if you need to make the change on the server. You will need to have this information to properly configure with the new driver...
Final note: make sure all x86 and x64 drivers are installed separately.  On a separately note, I noticed on my print server that when adding additional drivers to printers in preparation of deploying x64 clients, if the network printer already has x86 PCL5e on the print server, then it will only take PCL5e for x64 as an additional driver and same for the printers with PCL6 drivers.
Dustin23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay in getting back guys...


All 3 options say 'Type3 - User Mode'
Only x64 is checked
Dustin23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
@ yo_bee

Why would I need to do this?  The x64 server won't allow me to install a 32-bit driver on it?

What exactly does this script do?  If I were to use it, would I place it in Startup?
Do you have the same driver (version and type... pcl5e etc.,) if so, check the x86 box and it should prompt for the driver location
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:

1: I have seen it error out when trying to install the 32 bit drivers.
2: The script allows you to push the driver to the server or computer without having to install the printer.

You can try the script from the server and point it to the 32 bit driver and see if it errors out.
If it does I would connect to the server using Server Manager (from either a W7 32 Bit or a Windows Server 2008 32 Bit) and add the drivers that way.

Dustin23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
@ bwiser1, yo_bee

I removed the printer I had then reinstalled and got both versions to apply.  I then went in and unchecked Sharing in properties.  I am using Print Management in Server 2008 to deploy the printers through GP, so it really doesn't make sense to ALSO share the printer's redundant at best.  I didn't really think logically about that until now.  Once I did that, it all works fine now.  Thanks for all the help guys!!
I guess I didn't realize you were sharing locally, but am glad it's working. Glad to help anytime
Dustin23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
@ bwiser1

Yeah that's the only spot I saw to add additional drivers.  It seems that functionality falls under printer sharing in the menu, but doesn't rely upon sharing being enabled...bad design choice if you ask me...
Dustin23IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
You guys gave me the idea to reinstall the drivers...giddyup!!
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