Silverlight - Domain Context Submit Changes crashes my app

I have a SL app using a domain context.. All my submit changes work great, except for one.
It does not throw an error and I can't catch any errors. I'm running on a local machine.

How can I find out the error.. or trap it.
I can't seem to get filddler to work on a local url
any ideas?
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vbighamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like it is throwing an error, but maybe not where you would think.  Since all the operations are Async it won't throw the error until it round trips from the server.  If you want to check a submit operation for errors you'll need to add an event handler to the SubmitOperation's Completed event, or provide a callback for the SubmitChanges method.  You can then check if submitOp.HasError, and use submitOp.MarkErrorAsHandled() to stop the exception from crashing your app.  The exception object will be available in the submitOp.Error property.

For examples check the documentation at:
As you may already know fiddler works as a proxy server.
By default the most of your applicatins is using the default proxy settings which is configured under internet options. When you start fiddler it configures it for you.

As you state you're trying to call a local service and thats by default bypassing the proxy settings.

You can try to uncheck the "bypass proxy server for local addresses"
Under Internet options -> Connections -> LAN settings
Debugging the service would be the easiest part, but I guess it's not your service?!
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JElsterAuthor Commented:
I tried to uncheck the 'bypass'.. nothing happened
JElsterAuthor Commented:
Also tried the machine name and port .. got a fiddler error.
It's using the Cassini web server...
Fiddler can't listen because it's used by the server
If you tries to access the wcf service from the webbrowser? Does that pass fiddler?
JElsterAuthor Commented:
I do have an event onSubComplete... but it never hits it

     // Save
                    this.DS.SubmitChanges(OnSubmitCompleted_SendTag_Final, null);

   void OnSubmitCompleted_SendTag_Final(SubmitOperation so)
            if (so.HasError)
                MessageBox.Show(so.Error.InnerException.ToString(),"Save Error " + so.Error.Message , MessageBoxButton.OK);

                SendError("Sent Tag Save Data Error : " + so.Error.Message + " - " + so.Error.InnerException + " - " + so.Error.StackTrace);


jonaskaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The above code doesn't look like a usual wcf call. Could it be that the method SubmitChanges expects a handler for errors as the second parameter?

I usually do something like this:
public void GetData(Action<Data> onSuccess, Action<Exception> onError, int dataId){
    // Client    
    ServiceClient client = ServiceClientFactory.CreateClient(_appSettings);    
    // Eventhandler for getdata    
    client.GetDataCompleted += (s, args) =>    
        if (args.Error != null)            
    // Make call for GetData    

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