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Guest wireless internet access

I have a client that runs a night club and want to setup internet only wireless access Point from the bar area. We are running a Sonicwall TZ150 and am aware the this appliance does not support VLANS.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Do you want users to have to sign into a wireless guest service or just have free/open wireless?

What I'd do is get an access point. Create a new zone and assign it to an available interface. Connect one of the access points to the interfaces of the sonicwall. Set the access point in bridge mode and have the new interface of the sonicwall manage DHCP. Make sure your zone isn't trusted and the Firewall rules NewZone <> LAN are deny.

You cannot limit the wireless signal going beyond the bar. But you could connect all the wireless devices to the access point and then turn off the SSID. Doing this will stop other people from viewing your wireless network on there phones or laptops.


dynndAuthor Commented:
Digitap Are you saying use 2 access points
1 for LAN use and 1 for guest use?
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Yes. That's correct. You'll want to set them at different channels so they don't step on each other. Also, it might be a good idea to do a wireless survey with something like NetStumbler to see what other access points are broadcasting in the area. You don't want your access points to step on those.
You should purcahse a Access Point for the bar area. If you are looking to keep guests off the "internal bar network" than connect the AP into your firewall and/or create an ACL (access list) to deny trafic from the bar AP to reach the other network. You will indeed want to check the chanel that the sonicWall is on to reduce any interferance. Depending on the AP you purchase you should be able to turn down the power to reduce it's finger print, to only cover the bar.

Depends on the size of the bar area, one might need a 2nd AP.
dynndAuthor Commented:
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