finding the right driver

I use DriverAgent and now DriverGuide.  Both give me different results.  My main concern is why I can't get DriverAgent to acknowledge that the current driver for my Display Adapter is not the right one.  I downloaded it as a secondary suggestion and it works fine.  But DriverAgent continues to suggest I use its' primary suggestion which won't even install.

Furthermore, DriverGuide now finds many motherboard related driver updates for various components that DriverAgent didn't even see all this time.  I paid for and have been using DriverAgent for several months now while DriverGuide I only just used as of last night.

Also, why has my Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA) changed to CyberBladeXP (69) when I run a check of my computer like SANDRA?  Just because I installed the CyberBladeXP (69) driver, why should the graphics card identity change?

I hope someone can help.

In a possible related matter, I am wondering if this driver compatibility problem might be causing my Device Manager/Monitor to have two identical listings for my monitor.  I can't get rid of one-it keeps coming back.  I have a thread on this problem and I am receiving some help but so far no success.

I can be more specific as we go along.  But I just typed all this info extremely specifically and went to hit submit when it all disappeared and I am currently very upset to say the least.

Thank you to all who can try and help.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to update your driver go to nvidia and ask it to scan your computer and recomend the drivers
Option 2: Automatically find drivers for my NVIDIA products.
Because you have windows 98  windows 2000 drivers should work ok.
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400 Video Card Driver 
I posted the steps how to install on the othert link
What is your System model and specification? Is it a laptop or desktop?   Also  what OS are you using?
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this to identify the devices :

Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Information.
Now select  "Components" and highlight "Problem Devices".
All hardware devices with a driver problem will be listed here.
Make a note of the first line of the PNP Device ID line of the entry. It will show a Vendor number and a Device number (VENxxxxDEVxxxx) both four digits long.
Look up those numbers here:

This will tell you the manufacturer and the chip number.  
Check the manufacturer's website first or google them - or post them here

If your LAN is running, you can also use windows update, or drivereasy (free) :
it will list the drivers - you can google them, or let drivereasy do it
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Maverick2010Author Commented:
Hi and thanks for the replies.

To gsnshankar:

My system model and specification.....I'm not sure what you want exactly here.  Can you let me know?  (It might be hard to tell you anything as this computer was 'thrown together' by my cousin around 1998 and I don't know if I can find any specs on it.  But if you can be more specific, maybe we can come up with something.)
This is my old desktop computer and I am using Win98SE on it , trying to get it up and running good (as a hobby of mine).  It uses the Pentium II processor and was OK back when Win 98 was in fashion.  Now, it's slow, but still works.  Just really trying to get the bugs out of it and learn something about computers along the way.

To nobus:

I followed through to Problem Devices and it states that there no problems on this machine.  I looked at and I am not sure it would work here with my Win98SE.  The site looks interesting and I would like to know how to use it.  But with no problems showing on my machine, I would not be sure what to do about analyzing numbers on that site.

So that still leaves me wondering why both Driver sites say I need new drivers somewhere in my system as well as the perplexing graphics card change of identity.

Thanks and I await more replies.
WINDOWS 98SE  - waw - now THAT is old, but i'll try to help
for system info you can run msinfo32 from the run box
or use siw :
look at the motherboard model - then we can find drivers
or look in device manager, and post the devices you want drivers for      
Maverick2010Author Commented:
Hello again,

I looked at your sites indicated and I'm afraid I don't understand what I'm looking at. The SIW screenshot  box seems to show the same info as the Microsoft System Information that I followed through with and pulled up.  

In both cases, I don't know how to decipher the info I am seeing.

My motherboard type and model is ChainTech  Model:  11/18/98  This is what SANDRA told me.

My Device Manager shows no problems or yellow question marks.

I just tried to run DriverGuide and another [Driver Software (one I had forgot I had bookmarked)] on this computer and they would no longer work.

{Incidentally, my Icon Save and Restore little downloadable program by Jamie O'Connell that remembers desktop icon positions has stopped working also.  I delete it and reload but it refuses to function.}

All this nonfunctionality is making me think my computer is amassing more and more incompatibility problems.  How would I solve this if this is the case?

For DriverGuide I kept getting the box that said:   Run-time error '5'
                                                                              Invalid procedure call or argument

I deleted it and tried reloading it several times.  It would no longer work.  The only one that continues to work for me is DriverAgent.  It is my paid for service.

I had wanted to utilize these two driver services in order to compare which driver each would say that I needed and then try and draw some conclusions.  I am beginning to wonder if each driver scanner service is really helping since so far, the two I've compared, don't agree with one another-or if they are just out to get your money by finding things wrong that are not really wrong?

If my computer doesn't find fault with drivers (via Device Manager) but these driver services do, who is right?  Is there another way to know ( maybe using my motherboard model as you suggest and try to find drivers  that way?

I am also wondering if this is a case of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".   The computer seems to be doing OK.  But I really don't know what constitutes as OK with this old system.  That's why I need you guys help. I'm kinda lost.


PS.  As to posting what drivers I want for specific devices, I would like to know an easy way to identify my graphics card.  That way I can know which driver to ask for.  Like I said, the Trident CyberBlade XP (69)  is working exceptionally well for this graphics card-I just don't think they go together originally because I think this graphics card is a Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)-that is its' name as best I can tell.  Maybe there is a history association there I don't know about.

>>  ChainTech  Model:  11/18/98   << that is NOT a model, it is a date
what does siw show for motherboard? post a screenshot plse
Maverick2010Author Commented:
Hi and thanks for the reply.

Before I get started, this laptop I am using has reared its' ugly problem again by wanting to shut down like someone pulling the plug (for the third time now).  So, if you don't hear from me in 5 consecutive days in a row, know then that this computer is down and I have no way to communicate with you until it is fixed.

I will have to iron out this loose thread which by then you will have marked as abandoned.  Please note that that will not be the case, rather that I am in incommunicado temporarily.
Maverick2010Author Commented:
Now back to my Win98SE desktop computer............I thought SIW was a pay site until I just now saw the free version.  I am downloading it now.

(I had thought that was a date.  But why would SANDRA list it under Model?)

I just ran SIW free version and I am sorry to say that just about every value it returned about anything to do with this computer says:   'Unknown'.

At first, the first thing to come up said:  Missing Administrator Privileges.  This program should be run with administrator privileges. This phrase is used in several places.   I have not set this computer up to have an administrator (with two or more people).  I am its' only user.  Does this mean something is wrong with SIW working along with my computer?  Could it be non-Win98SE compatible?  

Some info comes up but the stuff you want to know ( and me as well) says 'unknown'.   Why , do you suppose that SIW isn't working?

What can we try now?  Thanks.
i'm not sure it is win98 compatible - it's not listed as supported;
 Belarc does support W98
Maverick2010Author Commented:
Hello again;

Unfortunately Belarc wouldn't recognize the Model either.  All it says under System Model is:  No details available.  It doesn't even list Chaintech anywhere.  Most everything else is listed however, except Microsoft Hotfixes, Network Drives, Network Map for examples.

Refresh my memory-how do I do a screenshot if I am able to get the info you need?


PS  This laptop seems to be holding its' own and not shutting down on me for now.  But my current work schedule prevents me from making but about one reply to you per day.  I will try and keep in contact.
you can use the snipping tool (vista -W7) or use snagit :
the PrtScr keu should work also
maybe best to open the bow, and look for the model number printed on it
>>  maybe best to open the bow  <<  should read open the BOX
Maverick2010Author Commented:

Sorry for the delay.  My work schedule is weekends (12 hour shift) and there is little time for else.  And I have been called to work overtime all this upcoming week.  Please forgive me if I don't respond.

Thanks for the snipping tool.  I did not know I had one.

As for what you say about opening the box, I'm sorry but I sometimes I don't understand the vernacular.  Would you be so kind as to translate?  Thanks.  Where would I spy the model number if I find it?
the box = PC case
here an example how it looks on my board (P5Q-VM)
Maverick2010Author Commented:

You are therefore talking about opening up the computer case.  I apologize to you but I neglected to say that I have had it open for quite some time as I work on it.  But if it is a picture of the motherboard you want, might I suggest you go to one of my previous questions:
Can I get D-Link USB Wireless Adapter to work with Windows 98SE wirelessly?

There, I posted some photos of my motherboard as we tried for months to identify it.  It turned out to be a Chaintech (according to SANDRA-but we had to find an earlier version of SANDRA first, that would work with Win98)  and the person helping was then able to find a similar looking motherboard in web photos.  Many things took so very long to resolve.

Anyway, the name on my motherboard is AGP (as you can see in the photos).  And that is all.  There are no numbers printed under or anywhere around it to identify it.  I wish things were as simple as just looking at the motherboard for a number.

I have gotten sidetracked.  Please restate...what exactly are we looking for?  Just a Model Number for this Win98SE computer?  I never had the original computer cardboard box.  My cousin built this computer for our family and so he kept all the cardboard boxes.  The only box I have from those days is the motherboard box.  I can't even remember how it came into my possession.  But even it is elusive in the info it presents.

Having said that, is there anything specific you might want me to look for on that motherboard cardboard box?  Maybe there is information on it that I never deciphered that you could recognize right away.

I hope this might be of some help.  But I am running out of ideas.  Thanks.
To expediate and simplify this question
 I am assisting Maverick2010 with the same computer here, maybe we can work together on this. I'll read through what has been offered here
R/click your computer and properties
hit the print screen key on your keyboard then paste it into paint or word
then upload here
the properties on my Computer should show a  if it's intel or AMD
processor type Brand Name of motherboard
i must say i don't see any picture of the mobo there; just post it here too plse
I just browsed Maverick2010
previous questions and found the photos of his mainboard, he mentions it asd a Laptop but is mistaken this a desktop
scroll down to the bottom of his post
tx - pretty old...
Maverick2010Author Commented:

Thanks for teaming up to help me.  Just my luck that I had to work massive overtime when I have such good help now for you both and I can't easily be in attendance.  I just found out that overtime will be over by Monday.  So I'll have more time then.

I tried hurriedly to type up a message last night but when I hit the Back button and came back to my writing, all my writing was gone.  I didn't have time to retype it so I had to wait until tonight for a quick reply to you both.  Is there a way to prevent my writing from disappearing when I hit the Back button?

OK, to business.......You want me to right click on My Computer on my desktop and hit Properties.  When I do, what comes up is:

System:  Microsoft Windows 98
               Second Edition
               4.10.2222 A

Registered to:  my name

Computer:  128.0MB RAM

That's all.

I will have to refresh my memory on how to do any photo posting here.  I can't remember how to do it.
In any case, I can re-learn to do a printscreen, but I don't have a digital camera or cell phone so I had to use my laptop web cam to get the photos you saw in my other thread.

Let me post this reply and move on to the other thread you are both helping me on.  Thanks.

The right driver here is for an Nvidias  XF3400S as per the mobo screen shot it  of the bios
is listed as this card
please refer to my comments here

Maverick2010Author Commented:
Hi, I concentrated my efforts on the other thread the "two monitors" question and somewhat neglected this thread.

It turns out that the two issues were related and the same helper attended me with both threads.

So I shall award multiple solution points here.

Thanks once more for all the good help from you guys!
Maverick2010Author Commented:
I am glad to see the Multiple Solutions page cleaned up and functioning properly now.  It is now easier to associate the proper comments with the proper points.

It was hard to find a good answer from Nobus because Merete assisted and found the solutions to both my threads through detective work.  However, Nobus deserves a mention.

That's why I chose Partially in my grading because the solutions I chose weren't truly reflective of a complete and exacting answer to my question.  But those answers did eventually lead in the direction of a solution which was represented better in the "two monitors" thread.
tx for the feedback
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