SCCM WSUS update sync fails

Hi all,

I have been having issues with SCCM/WSUS updates failing to automatically synchronise updates on a schedule.

My WSYNCMGR.log shows :-

Sync failed: There is an error in XML document (129, 22981430). Source: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.ApiRemoting.ExecuteSPSearchUpdates

... and it will retry every hour, failing with the same error.

If I do a manually initiated "Syncronise" from the SCCM console all appears to run through OK until the next scheduled automatic sync when the error starts again.

Not alot seems to be documented ont he web about this - Any ideas anyone?

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MarkieSConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Finally cleared this by installing .Net4.0 - Bingo!
emadallanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this issue occur when this particular SCCM service and the SCCM backups are running in the same time just adjust the synchronization to happen 2 hours after the backup.
this will prevent them to run simultaneously.
MarkieSAuthor Commented:
SCCM backups are scheduled for 5am on a Sunday morning.  The backup is not running.  

SCCM Updates sync is set to 13:00 and every 12 hours (Set at a high rate to troubleshoot this problem!)

Run a manual sync all is OK.  When an automatic sync runs the error occurs.

I have changed the Automatic schedule to run at 10pm, once a day

Will check back tomorrow...

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ok, during this time, check to see which sccm support services could be running in the same time with the particular sccm service.
i am sure 100% that your problem is due to sccm service is running with another one at the same time.
so make an investigation!
MarkieSAuthor Commented:
Still same results.  
I have disabled both the SMS_SITE_SQL_BACKUP and the SMS_SITE_BACUP services to stop them running.
Rebooting the server - lets see what happens tomorrow...
MarkieSAuthor Commented:
The SMS_SITE_SQL_BACKUP service is running all the time.  Is this normal?

If I stop the service it restarts automatically.

If I disable the service SCCM detects a problem and re-installs and thus restarts the service.

Any ideas?
just run
without restarting your machine
and scedule the sccm auto synch to run just after running these commands.
 and let me know what happen?
merowingerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out the smsbkup.log file maybe there's an error
one thing to mention is that our discussion assume that the service that is interfering with particular sccm service is backup, but it could be another one, for this i said before to make which one cause the problem! may be it is not the backup service!
MarkieSAuthor Commented:
Hi merowinger,

The smsbkup.log shows it is running every Sunday morning as expected for about 1/2 an hour.  It's last entry being "SMS site backup service stopped." - no errors

The smssqlbkup.log shows it is running all the time with entries every 30 minutes of
"No message received in the last 30 minutes..." - no errors

Hi emadallan,

I have rescheduled the AutoSync for 14:36.
I have applied your suggestion.. at 14:35

Wsyncmgr.log shows:
Syncing all updates      SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER      15/09/2011 14:36:07      5760 (0x1680)
requested update classifications: Critical Updates, Definition Updates, Drivers, Feature Packs, Security Updates, Service Packs, Tools, Update Rollups, Updates      SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER      15/09/2011 14:36:07      5760 (0x1680)
sync: SMS synchronizing categories      SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER      15/09/2011 14:36:07      5760 (0x1680)
sync: SMS synchronizing categories, processed 0 out of 163 items (0%)      SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER      15/09/2011 14:36:07      5760 (0x1680)
sync: SMS synchronizing categories, processed 100 out of 163 items (61%)      SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER      15/09/2011 14:36:08      5760 (0x1680)
sync: SMS synchronizing categories, processed 163 out of 163 items (100%)      SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER      15/09/2011 14:36:08      5760 (0x1680)
sync: SMS synchronizing updates      SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER      15/09/2011 14:36:08      5760 (0x1680)

Kept checking to ensure both services were not running while waiting for wsyncmgr.log

SMS_SITE_SQL_BACKUP service started itself again at 14:37...

The wsyncmgr.log was still sitting on "sync: Starting SMS database synchronization"

It finally errored at 14:42....

Looks like it must be another service clashing with it...  I'll keep looking..

cheers guys/gals..?
MarkieSAuthor Commented:
Finally resolved myself.  Good replies and trains of thought guys/gals!

Many thanks for your help thanks for taking the time to assist.
mind to share how you resolved this?
i have uninstall SUP, reinstall WSUS , add SUP again & after sync ..all  updates still show grey.
i am still not able to create any deployment with message all metadata expired.
MarkieSAuthor Commented:
An install of .Net 4.0 on the SCCM server fixed the issue for me in the end.

I am no longer working with this same SCCM system so it may be best to ask for assistance by raising a new question.

Kind regards
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