Why is my Windows alternate IP address settings not being used?

On some of my windows 7 laptops I set up our office IP address info in the alternate section because the laptop users want to use DHCP when they are at home or at hotspots and clients.
That way when they return to the office, their IP is still in the "alternate" section and it just works very well.
But lately, they don't seem to be using the alternate IP info, it gets an address like - so it's not picking up a DHCP IP (I am not running any DHCP servers) but it's not reverting to the "alternate" IP either.
It's always worked so well, I am not sure why it isn't working anymore.
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Guillermo FeijóoSystems administratorCommented:
I´m sorry, missclicked :(

there you have microsft "how to" reset TCP/IP

DHCP is showing as enabled...you need to disable it if you have static IP's set
StevenHookAuthor Commented:
If you disable DHCP in the "General" tab the "alternate" tab disappears.
The purpose of the "alternate" tab is to specify an address for use in the case of a DHCP server not being available.


Why is it not using the address I gave it in the alternate tab on the first screen shot?
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Guillermo FeijóoSystems administratorCommented:

First, I think you have to discard someone else has the IP this laptop is trying to get,even knowing that there are no DHCP servers on your net. So,when a laptop doesnt get it´s alternate IP, do a ping to that IP, and make sure there is no one else using it.Second, have a look in the event viewer,or post it, maybe there are records about  IP management that can point to the reason. Third; what about windows network profiles? what network profile is showing the laptop failing? Fourth: I´ve seen the screen captures. What about wireless network itinerance? Go to the advanced options for the atheros network adapter and try to change it to it´s max value.

please,no offense: Make sure that you´ve done the alternate configuration work on the wireless network adapter instead of the ethernet adapter in the failing laptops. That would explain it.

Sometime ago I was in the same situation, and with only one laptop,  I got almost crazy and finally had to make two  scripts for the user and told him to run one in the office and the other one in the rest of the world. So when he was in the office the script makes the static IP configuration and out from the office, the other script makes the laptop take a dinamic IP using DHCP. (Easy to write that scripts, I can help you if you need it).

StevenHookAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guillermin-go
I have checked that the IP is not in use - and I have double checked that I am making the settings on the correct adaptor. (If I set it as static it works - it's just the alternate settings that aren't coming into effect)

Excuse my ignorance, but what is itinerance?

I do get the following in my event viewer:
The system detected an address conflict for IP address with the system having network hardware address 00-00-00-00-00-00. Network operations on this system may be disrupted as a result.

Usually this should have useful information about the IP and the mac address? I have never seen them all 0 like this before?

Could this kind of thing perhaps be caused by a network loop? it feels almost like the PC is detecting itself?

What do you mean by network profiles?

Thanks for the help!
"Could this kind of thing perhaps be caused by a network loop? it feels almost like the PC is detecting itself?"

made me think of this;

Check and see if the wireless adapter is or has been changed to allow "ad-hoc" connections.

StevenHookAuthor Commented:
I haven't seen those settings (ad-hoc) since XP - where are they hidden in Windows 7?
It does connect to the wireless router, it just gets the wrong IP information.
Guillermo FeijóoSystems administratorCommented:

   i´m so sorry for answering so late, but I´ve been fighting with my own problems ;)

1.- Does those failing machines run virtual machines?

2.- Network profiles are a new feature since vista was released. with network profiles you can choose the way your box will show itself to other boxes in your net. you have 3 different network profiles:

    - Public network
    - Private network
    - working network, (or similar, as my OS languaje is spanish, i´m sorry)

3.- wireless itinireance, is a value to set the way you want your wireless NIC to jump between different wireless nets. For instance, if you are under the influence of two wireless nets you are allowed to connect to, and you are connected to one of them. Then you move to a place in wich the signal for the network you are connected to is fewer than the other wireless network. a high value for the wireless network itinireance would force the NIC to change to the other wireless network quicker than a low value.

4.- what your event viewer shows is strange. Obviously there is no NIC with that MAC, and a IP isnt a valid IP.

5.- Are you under a 2008 windows domain? If the answer is "yes", then, are you using NAP? (network access protection) If the answer is yes,then maybe your failing laptops don´t accomplish  the minimum requirements to have access to your wireless network.

ad-hoc management is a bit different in vista and windows 7. I think you have to create a wireless connection, and in it´s properties, you can set the ad-hoc feature.

StevenHookAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help :)

I used to run a VM on my laptop (not any more), but not the other one.

they both laptops running windows 7.

They on a "work" network, there is a domain (2003) but the wireless network is separate from it.
It's on a different IP range.

Guillermo FeijóoSystems administratorCommented:
Hi again:

   then I think you are in the point where you have to decide if is it worth to fight against that untill you find the problem or ...

 ... I would try to reinstall the TCP/IP stack in the wireless network adapters that are giving this IP errors.

netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt  (from a command line)

 Then restart the laptop. I think you have to recreate the alternate settings,but I´m not sure, and can´t try it now.

hope it helps
StevenHookAuthor Commented:
Will give it a try!
Thanks for the help!
StevenHookAuthor Commented:
The reset didn't help.
I think I must just educate the users to set up their own IPs.
It's just a bit of a schlep, usually on the go you want to start up and work, not play with ip settings before starting.
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