how do i put video on my website??

i have a handfull of videos that i would like to put on my website but how do i do it?  i am very good with dreamweaver but so so with flash.  basically what i want is a player on my website and then a list of videos that a user can choose and watch in the player
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joshbulaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I really like the JW Player:

Easy to use, good documentation, supports xml playlists so you can just put your five videos into a playlist, and it will list them under the player.
You need to embed the player on your web page:
amoosAuthor Commented:
great link.  but i have 5 videos.  is there a way to make a playlist that visitors can choose a video to play?
Ive always found a good way would be create a youtube account for your site. Upload the videos there. Then embed them into your site.

Your site doesn't get hit by the big video files and your site doesn't get hit by the bandwidth for streaming such videos.

Otherwise you can use Adobe flash to create your own video player or use the new HTML 5 Video tools.

Here is a link to 20 different html 5 video players.


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