Out of Office working for a short time exch2007


A few users in the company have a problem with out of office replies.
This is a function enabled on the exchange 2007 server.
The outlook program is synchronizing to the OWA correctly and we've tried turning this feature on and off on both outlook 2007 and OWA.
The problem is that the Out of Office reply works for the first half an hour of it being set ON, then it stops working. I check OWA and it's still set to ON. I've tried from different e-mail addresses and it still doesn't work. Other users in the company have the same problem.

If anyone has any ideas on this I would be most grateful.

Kind regards
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riverbankConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It appears to be related to Blackberry BPS 4.1.4. We're upgrading to Service Pack 7 and providing this fixes the Out of Office issue, I will close this question.

Silly question but how do you know its now working? Out of Office will only send one message during the whole out of office session per email address.

So if you send a message to someone on minute 1 and get a OOH and then try and send another in a hour, you will be ignored. Until the OOH is turned off and on again.

This caught me out in the past.
riverbankAuthor Commented:
I've tried sending the e-mails from different addresses with different domains entirely to that address and it seems to only work for the first half hour. The e-mails i've sent after the first hour are different addresses to the ones I sent previously.

riverbankAuthor Commented:
Resolved internally by upgrading as described
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