Lexmark Printer repair E250dn

My Lexmark printer just went dead. It was kept on all the time about (5.5yrs).
Recently it was switched  off for a week. Now its not possible to  power it up again.
It just fails.On applying the power I can see the leds flash on the panel for about a second or two. The led lights just go off for good.

Where I could get a repair manual?
What could be the likely fault ?
Any other pointer to find a resolve would be appreciated.

I checked the AC power chord its supplying 220V volts.

Thank you.

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-get the service manual and see the meaning of error pattern it could be a broken sensor flag
-open your printer and chech for capacitors went bad in power supply section
-reflow the main ic in logic board
It's probably the power supply board, most likely the electrolitic capacitors, but not 100% shure.
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Just like PCs, over time, the capacitors go bad and cause power on problems.  If you can't replace a discrete power supply, I would suggest replacing the printer, as they are very cheap these days (a good laser printer costs less than $100: http://www.amazon.com/Laser-Printers-Office-Electronics/b?ie=UTF8&node=172648).
asiduAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your inputs.

I got the manual and have stripped up the printer. The power units has the right power on
the various pins as described in the manual.

So the problem could be with the controller/system board. Need to test the system
board for voltages etc.  Still unable to confirm the issue.
A check with local agent about the pricing of the power unit  $127/-- A similar printer costs $220
with one year warranty by Lexmark.

Not too long ago I bought a heavy duty toner cartridge for the current printer for $180/- I reckon
75% of the toner is still there.

I was also advised by the agent that the E250DN has come to the end of life there are some printers
in their stock thou.  So I wonder if buying the similar set is a good decision.
The replacement of E250Dn is  E260DN and is costing $399 but I will not be able to use
the E250Dn toner with E260Dn.

Any inputs to help me decide if I should go for the latest printer or just get the older version.

All feedback will be appreciated. Thank you.

this web site is good http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/
Getting a similar printer for $220 seems cheaper and better use of your money than $400 for a new model, if you are satisfied with the way it works and don't need new features.  Being end of life means no support, but you can pretty much just replace the printer at that point.  Printers, like computers, will be cheaper in the future and will be more powerful.
i never worked in same model but what the is interpretation of error pattern according to service manual
On the remark for "End of Life" is, it is no more produced,
Spare Parts and Support will have to continue even after the device is no more produced.
So, basically, as it is a low end printer I'd not see too much of an issue, if you want to use up the toner cartridge. The other hand is, if it was sitting for longer time in the open, you might have an issue with the photo conductor as light will make it loose efficiency, so you might see some artifacts, depending on how you stored it.
You will receive a starter cartridge as well with the new printer, so depending on your throughput one of the cartridges will be laying around ...
That would be the only thing I'd believe might become an issue, if you otherwise where satisfied with the printer as such.
asiduAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for the inputs and time. Much appreciated.

After considering the valuable feedback I have decided to
get a new printer E250DN. It will have 3 years warranty.
Repair of old printer cost much more than a new printer!

I will check the electronics and keep you all posted what has really gone wrong.
Now looking forward for the delivery.

Will close the question once I get the delivery and make the necessary

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